By Alvin Engelke

Former Creston resident Doral W. Gibson, age 79, passed away after an extended illness. Before going to a nursing home he had lived in Elizabeth and Belpre. He was the son of the late Ernest Elza and Mamie Fought Gibson.

Sherm Wise, age 75, passed away. He was the son of old Bob Wise who formerly lived on Ground Hog and up Island Run.

Nancy Engelke is recuperating from hip surgery at Western Hill Rehabilitation Hospital near Parkersburg. She is doing well.

Old man winter made a return call to the Creston area with colder weather and some snow squalls. The weather experts are calling for a drought this summer for the local area.

The Arab terrorists continue to make the news as it has been learned that before one of the hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center some of Osama's uglies shot and killed an Israeli special forces man who happened to be on the plane and likely understood Arabic. There were not suppose to be guns on the plane and now we learn that they may have nuclear bombs in some American cities.

Drilling of Devonian shale wells is going at a good clip in Calhoun County.

The Great Pifu, Little Puppy, Chuckie Poo, Danny Boy and Mike Davis were among those who attended the vegetation seminar at Canaan Valley. It was understood that Mike felt obligated to take a "home test." No doubt details can be learned, but generally speaking, things were quiet.

Ed and Geneva Hayes, Paula, Aleisha and Bart, Sheena Warren, Tonya Harris and friend Ricky, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferrell and sons were among those calling on Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell and Amy.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Phillips, Debbie Hennen, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Butler, Lula Tanner, Velma Hicks, Frances and Lena Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bunner, Chester and Roger Bush, Casper Shuman, Ivan Holbert and Evelyn Copen were among those attending to business in Creston over the weekend.

Donna Sue and Christina Ferrell were attending to business in Parkersburg. They dined at the Chinese emporium and Christina found that the mustard was 'hot,' so hot in fact that she had to wipe off her tongue. She got so excited in the big city that she got "all charged up" at he check-out counter at Big Lots. Details are available to those who inquire.

Sarah Douglas, "Beanie" Veon and Juanita Bell provided special singing for Sunday School at Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Suellen Butcher was calling on Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Arthur.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins were both in from their studies at Fairmont State College. Anna received a phone call from her friend Gemma in England. They, Kathy and Kyle Collins were also visiting Nancy Engelke in the hospital.

The price of natural gas on the Dominion System for March was set at $2.59 compared to $5.39 in 2001. The February 2002 price was $2.20 compared to $6.68 in 2001. The price of local crude oil has risen to $19/bbl.

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