Local Girl Scout Troop 4095 was asked by their troop leader, Angela Dye to write what they were thankful for this holiday season or what Thanksgiving means to them.

Ms. Dye said the girls could write a list, sentence, paragraph, or put their words into a poem.

Below are the results of the assignment.


Daisies - Kindergarten and first grade:

Summer Jones - My dog Maddie, my sister's dog Simon, Mom and Dad and Autumn, my baby doll, my Meme and Poppy, Girl Scouts, my big house, tree house.

Hannah Johnson - My friends, my family, my Girl Scout troop and my toys.

Ellie Stump - Chicken, bed, Girl Scouts, my family, cats, Mom, Dad, Hannah and Summer Jones.

Brownies - Grades 2 and 3:

Megan Jones - My dog Miley and Trixie and Dixie, my cat Sunshine and my sister's cat Tiny, Girl Scouts, my baby doll, Grandma and Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Logan, house and Littlest Pet Shop.

Katie Curry - A good life, special family, friends, animals (pets, dogs, cats), Girl Scouts, nature, work, love, good people, teachers, parents, people who take care of me, everything, ham and turkey.

Karlie Whited - My life, my family, my puppies, my heart and everyone.

Donna Richards - Soldiers, Mom and Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Girl Scouts.

Juniors - Grades 4 and 5:

Sarah Bell - My family, classroom, chocolate, noodles, my troop, Aleah Dye, Brandi Whited, Autumn Jones, my leader, my friends Cierra, Emily, Selina, Mariah and Eli.

Cadettes - Grades 6, 7 and 8:

Autumn Jones - My family, dog and friends. My family is always there for me, my dog is loyal, and my friends got my back no matter what.

Alayna Butler - My family, friends, my pets. I love Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for everything.

Aleah Dye wrote a poem


Food, family, friends.
Then it ends.

Always we celebrate.
All on this special date.

Brandi Whited writes

T - toys
H - happiness
A - always having joy
N - never ending fun
K - knowledge
F - fullness (from food)
U - uncles
L - love

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