Kathleen H. Taylor

Here we are back off of Rt. 74 in the middle of NO-DEER-WORTH-SHOOTING LAND.

It is with deep regret that I must report that my Halloween costume was not offensive to anyone. I must be losing my Midas touch!

The crew and I helped out at the Cub Scout Halloween party. I don't know about the kids, but, I sure had a good time. I got to be Dr. Ima Mortician without finishing college. How about that? Imagine how much money I saved in student loans.

A belated happy birthday goes out to my friend Elaine. I hope that you had a great one! Hopefully, your surrounding fans took you to lunch on your birthday. If nothing else, I hope they at least signed a card for you since they have a gift for writing.

I want to thank the high school band director for allowing the middle school kids to play with the band on Friday night. I also want to thank the high school band students for welcoming them. I feel that they left the kids with a positive experience and the desire to continue with their musical education. Thanks also go out to Mr. George, the middle school band director, for his never-ending enthusiasm and knowledge.

Creed Collins Elementary School Fall Festival is scheduled for November 14th. I don't really have details yet, but, will be sure to pass them along when I do. It might've helped if I attended the meeting when this was discussed.

Rainbow Grange #527 is hosting a healthcare forum on November 7th at 3:30 p.m. Carolyn Bowie from Housecalls will be a speaker at the event. Once again, I missed the meeting concerning this activity. I swear I am going to make it to some kind of meeting before the end of the year. Hopefully, it will not have anything to do with someone doing jail time or something disciplinary. I can do without those kinds of meetings.

I plan to take my crew to Parkersburg on Saturday night for Trick or Treating. We usually make a night of it. We have dinner before the scarfing of candy begins. We always trick or treat in the neighborhood that is full of Halloween freaks for residents. I love it! Not only do they give out the best candy (not that I would have any personal experience with this) but they rock their neighborhood with major Halloween funk. I am in total awe of their intricate jack o'lanterns. I do not have enough patience to carve out such detail. I scoop out the pumpkin "guts" and take a sharp knife and do a basic kindergarten cut out on them. Although there are such things as "pumpkin carving power tools" at Halloween, U.S.A. (which has become as high on my list as Gabe's) I think I am going to have to purchase those tools. People would be shocked to find I have any kind of tool in my hand and not be destroying anything with it. Like I said before, I really should just pay someone to do handiwork instead of taking power tools into my hands. You've heard of the chainsaw massacre, haven't you? I would end up doing something like that accidentally because I couldn't figure out how to shut it off.

Have a great week and remember to watch out for the little kids that are out and about on Halloween. If you attend any "adult" parties, please be responsible.

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