Kathleen H. Taylor

Welcome back to the scene of the crime. What crime, you ask? I don't know yet. I am sure I can come up with some sort of mischief. After all, it is going to be Halloween soon. Everyone knows this is one holiday that I go above and beyond the call of my imagination.

My oldest brother, Mike, my sister-in-law Nan, my sister Anne and I had a little informal birthday party for my Mom on Saturday. Mike and Anne spent a great deal of the time pretending to be the Bob Vila twins. They were going through Mom's house searching for things to be fixed.

I'm not handy with tools and such, so my assistance was not needed or asked for. I'm more like, "who do I make the check out to?" I tend to make things worse than what I started. You can ask anyone who has seen my wallpaper technique and they will totally agree I should just pay someone to do stuff around my house. But, at least I start a project with enthusiasm and a mind full of creative ideas (as well as other things that I will not mention here).

Edgel and Betty Baker have some apples for sale. I'm not sure what specific kind they are. I do know the holidays are just around the corner and there is always some baking to do. I never get sick of cooking and baking. There is a rule that you sample everything as you go just to make sure its OK. That rule tends to make me gain about five pounds or so during the holidays. I can't help there isn't many holiday recipes out there calling for lettuce and tofu.

There have been a lot of people working their ability to accessorize with Mossy Oak. It's so nice that it goes so well with the tan shade of Carhartt. I am sure there are deer that are hiding because they don't want to be seen with a hunter that mixes Remington and Mossy Oak together. It's a common fashion faux pas.

I would like to comment on Ms. Swiger's letter to the paper last week. I understand that some people tend to emphasize all the bad things and never focus on the good. That's just the way they keep the spotlight off of them. I compare it to the scene in "Silence of the Lambs" when Jodie Foster says to Hannibal, "But are you able to point that ever powerful finger at yourself? Or maybe you're just afraid to." So, my advice is laugh about it and forget it. Life is too short to stress over what people say or think.

Remember the Rainbow Grange Fall Fling is Saturday, October 24th. Leave the date open so you can bring your families. I will only be making a short appearance so you will not have to be exposed to my costume for very long. I have no cake ideas as of yet, but, rest assured the creative juices will be flowing before too long.

I also need you to attend the Ritchie-Tyler game as my son is being honored by being able to play with the high school band. They will be playing "We Will Rock You". I know you old-schoolers out there remember that song. I am really excited about it. I don't want to toot my own "trumpet", but he rocks that song for a middle schooler just starting out of the gate. I realize that I have been the "crazy" wrestling Mom, the "crazy" baseball Mom, now it's time to be the "insane" band mom.

My most appropriate choice of the week is, "Famous in a Small Town" by Miranda Lambert. My reasoning for this is that we all are whether we want to be or not.

Have a very festive and fun week.

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