By Ann Richards

Last Saturday morning snow was falling. Sometime during the night, rain had turned to snow. I made coffee and without turning up the heat, sat down on the sofa with my brew, draped a blanket over my lap and watched the snow falling. A strong wind caught the pine thicket outside and hurled a blizzard of white down from the tops of the trees. For a little while the white quietness outside the window gave me a great sense of peace not to be found in this otherwise busy world. This was one of the moments I would desire to pass on as an heirloom to my offspring.

Things have been rather quiet around Nobe. The weather has kept people inside. Several people have been recovering from colds and flu. Down, down with colds and flu. We can live better without them.

There have been a few hardy guys out on four wheelers. Years ago, sleds were in. Now four wheelers have replaced them as winter sport.

Macy Jones was visiting Courtney Conrad recently. Debbie Ramsey, Teresa Perkins and sons, Josh and Caleb of Grantsville were over to visit Alice and Bronson Hickman during the Christmas holidays. Josh, Caleb and Bronson had a good game of pool.

Josh and Caleb returned one day later along with Delmar Hickman of White PIne. They spent the evening practicing their pool skills in preparation for upcoming tournaments. The Perkins brothers competed in a pool tournament at Fresh Fire Ministries Youth Game Room in South Parkersburg and came out the winners. Congratulations, Guys!

Nina Whipkey was ill recently, but seems to have recovered and is home now.

Some of the ladies in the neighborhood have been attending crochet class at the Senior Citizens Complex in Grantsville.

Roger Weaver has been checking in on his aunts, Mae Jennings and Ova Bragg, sisters. He ate lunch with Mae one day. He also drove over to Coolville, Ohio during the holidays and paid a visit to Clem Weaver.

Mary Weaver is planning to attend some music classes. Her piano students may have more to learn once she is finished sharpening her skills.

Bill Barr is teaching the Adult Sunday School class at Chapel Baptist Church. Several from Chapel are planning to attend a seminar at Parchment Valley on February 3.

Bronson and Alice Hickman, Terry and Tim Hickman and son Josh, Frankie Hickman and other family members got together for a family day recently in Grantsville. They enjoyed a pool game. Phillip Hickman of Summersville left, saying that he would have to go home and take a whole bottle of aspirin after the intense game against Frankie. We aren't sure who won.

The Chapel Baptist monthly mission meeting was on Tuesday, January 16 at Nina Whipkey's home.

One day I tried to drive my car up the Klipstine Hill. O! how I wanted to get back down once I got stuck a third of the way to the top. There was solid ice on the road. A braver soul would have driven backwards down to the bottom. But, not me. After inching a few feet down the hill, I could see the ditch was my destination. With shaking legs and pounding heart, I pulled the brake, got out and walked the rest of the way home. Ice is no fun to walk on either. But, I got my workout for the day. My good neighbor, Brian Jones and my son Larry Joe went after the stranded car and of course, without incident, returned it to me. I was glad to stay home and keep warm.

There will, hopefully, be more news next time. Until then, Shalom.

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