By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. church. A revival starts Monday night starting at 7 P. M. All are welcome.

Frances Mowrey, age 83, passed away after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. She was the widow of Cephas Mowrey Jr. (Bill). The Mowrey family formerly lived on the Richardsonville road.

The Creston Auction will be held Saturday, October 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Come and lay in some supplies for hunting season, meet old friends, swap big stories, etc. One can take in Pioneer Day during the day and finish things off at Creston.

Some local folks attended the Molasses Festival at Arnoldsburg.

The Wirt road crew did some Lee Boy patching on W. Va. 5 and Sponaugle & Underwood Construction (Heavy Maintenance) worked once more on the water project caused slide at Red Cut near the Munday road. The Calhoun crew did some work on local roads.

Sunshine, the retired supervisor of the Calhoun crew has been doing much better. Not so long back she went to Nashville and before that she took a vacation trip through Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas.

The local area received a nice gentle rain.

Danielle Duckworth, Charles & Euell Russell were among those who attended the dinner sponsored by the Wirt County Republican Executive Committee at the senior citizen building in Elizabeth. Dan Greear gave an excellent speech to the crowd which was much larger than usual, reflecting the present political climate. Sen. Donna Boley brought along a copy of one of the 1600 page "health care reform" bills from the congress.

Some local residents are covered by Humana, a large insurance company that works with Medicare. Recently Humana sent out letters noting that Obamacare would reduce 'benefits' for those who were enrolled in their plans. This, apparently, irritated the big eared one for the government told them to not ever do such a thing again, not withstanding that all that was stated in the letter and on their web site was true. Some note that in Marxist nations free speech is not tolerated.

Alvin & Nancy Engelke attended the birthday party held for Jo Ann & Wilbur Schenerlein that was held at the residence of W. Harrison Schenerlein IV out on Turkey Foot Ridge.

Another local resident learned first hand that there is an active anti-crime program down in the county seat situate at the mouth of Tucker's Creek. Several have learned that the speed limit is 25 mph and others learned that one must come to a full stop at each and every stop sign even if there is no traffic coming from any direction. One would assume that all the felony cases have been wrapped up and that there are no crimes against either persons or property that remain unsolved.

Area residents have been having problems with the delivery of the daily newspaper. Calls to the office were of no avail and then finally one local resident waited for the paperboy to drive by so he could talk with him about why no paper was put in the box. The deliveryman sped away ignoring the local resident who had driven down from his home just to get the paper. The folks down at the Parkersburg News now promise that things will be different.

On Friday there were several different power outages in Creston. After about the third one the irate lady in the power company office suggested "check your breakers, check your breakers". She then noted that it would be expensive to call out the electric men when the problem was in one's private home. Of course the problems were with the company facilities but it is good to know how one stands with a company that is guaranteed a profit by a governmental agency. Now these same folks want to build another high line to provide more power to the east coast even though electric use there is declining.

The DNR, an agency known for its "straight shooting" noted that there is a shortage of mast and that game animals will have a rough winter. With no letup in sight of the big eared one's recession it might be the compassionate thing to do to kill most of the squirrels before they starve to death and put them in mason jars so that humans won't go hungry.

A recent Tee Vee program showed how the federal government shut down agriculture in California's rich central valley and local dairymen note that they are only being paid $11/cwt for milk or half of what the price was a year or so back. New rules have been implemented for "animal feeding operations". While some would say this is for the big feed lots, it is clear that it would include chicken lots, pig pens, dog yards and ordinary barn yards. Only a few years back Al Gore, the high priest of the global warming scam, said that we should get all our food from third world countries.

With the price of milk at record low levels (reflecting constant dollars) it will be hard for dairymen to pay the carbon tax of $187 per cow per year. Ordinary residents will pay about $1700 extra per year and Equitable sent out notices to their free gas customers strongly asking for tax numbers so that the free gas customers can pay the "cap & trade" tax as well as get a 1099 for "non-cash income" free gas.

More than a few eyebrows were raised when two of West Virginia's Congress Critters voted to support Acorn the community organizer group, long affiliated with the dear leader, after they were caught advising a would be pimp how to import underage girls from central America to work in a sporting house.

Those traveling up in Ohio note that lots of full-length logs are heading for Amish country and lots of logs seem to be moving in other areas as well. Others are harvesting the undersized pulpwood and young poplar on the land controlled by the Heartwood fund. It is understood that they are selling off tracts that have been clear-cut.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil fell $3/bbl to $59.25. One area producer noted that he locked in his natural gas for $5.85/MCF.

Tim Ellison has been replacing some porous pipeline for Cabot Oil & Gas on the dePue farm in Creston. The lines were originally laid back when Godfrey L. Cabot had a Lamp Black factory in Creston.

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