By Alvin Engelke

Gaynell Pennington was consulting her physician.

Charles and Euell H. Russell were consulting with their optometrist.

Orison and J.E. Schrader , Sr. were attending to business in Elizabeth.

Nancy Engelke was attending to business in Point Pleasant two days last week.

The Great Pifu is said to be mighty miffed. Seems another Ms. Satterfield brings home fixed goodies to her work place and wears "flashier" raiment. That all wouldn't be so bad but he gets harassed daily by the Big Dog and others who make it a point to "rub it in". All "younger" sis can say is that she didn't know (until recently) that there were 3 siblings in her family.

The folks down at the mouth of Elk River have been at it again. Now they want to raise weight limits on big trucks to 132,000 lb. (as a base weight.) The main road through Creston was built to withstand 30,000 lb so one can figure, especially without any frost law for protection during freezing and thawing times. The coal folks said it cost 82 cents/ton to get the stuff to the market and they thought the taxpayers should carry part of the bill since they were "hard up" and couldn't stand the freight.

If all that was not enough the fine folks over at Washington voted to infringe our free speech right so that we can't say things about them 60 days before an election. This way only NPR (Public Radio International), Dan Blather, CBS, CNN, etc. will have free speech right. Not so long back the last non government TV station in Russia was shut down and it would appear that the same folks are trying still to run our nation. Despots despise freedom and opportunity for ordinary citizens and work to keep their subjects ignorant and dependent. One might assume that this is why it apparently is policy in West Virginia to have bad schools since such is top down from down at the Mouth of Elk River.

Some folks from Moslem nations have been e-mailing local residents apparently working to build profiles. It is scary to think what the profiles will be used for or against.

DeBarr Trucking was hauling more rock to Westvaco's big clear cut at the head of Pete's run. Westvaco and mead have now merged operations.

Columbia gas continues to lease for deep strata in the area. They have started drilling on one of the Oriskany or perhaps Newburg wells in Roane County south of Amma. Harry Clay Boggs is drilling a Trenton/Black River well for Nitro and others on Canoe.

The unseasonably warn weather continues with whistle pigs out and about all the time. The buzzards returned to Creston and were feeding on some of the DNR's surplus venison that usually is known as road kill. It has been reported that the sun is having an extended active phase with lots of sun spots and much more energy released which heats up the earth even though Junior gore and others lay it all onto "hot air".

The Charleston Gazette, which is supposed to be the state "paper of record" said Enron didn't impact the state much as a reporterette said she checked it out and found that most sold gas to CNR and Dominion and that "only 40" had filed with the bankruptcy court. It was unfortunate she did not attend the talk at the recent IOGA meeting where solid information could have been obtained. Apparently the state sold the Enron shares in their portfolio, but, with WV's luck purchased Global Crossing on the advice of Terry McCauliffe. Global Crossing is the bust that has real political bombshell value.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $18/bbl.

Ed Lynch was inquiring about his cousins S.R. Lynch. Ed said his automobile wouldn't stand the trip up to Creston.

Rumor has it that the Little Blue Roller Skate bit the dust recently. Theory is that it suffers from computer malfunctions.

With all the controversy over the proposed "tri state airport" in the news, the president, CEO, & owner of the Tiny Mighty Mo Dozer Service and some of his most esteemed high ranking corporate officials have begun construction of a new ultralight landing strip locally.

Josemite Sam Dawson & Cap'n Spock were among those calling on Mr. & Mrs. C. Romeo Griffin, Jr., Kayla, Dalton, and Granny at Owl Hill.

Local students have enjoyed a long weekend, courtesy of the recent "teacher play day".

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