By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

261 signed up for the Creston ATV Poker run. One woman who had never ridden Creston routes before noted that the route was better than the Hatfield & McCoy trail. One youngster from the Brooksville area got off and walked while an older relative drove the chariot in and out of the Little Kanawha. Several of the riders were covered with mud from head to toe while others were able to avoid the bad places in the road. While setting up the route and going around folks saw trophy bucks, ground hogs, squirrels, wild turkey, grouse, bunny rabbits, 'possums, 'coons and one large bobcat. The kitty cat was spotted on Little Creek not far from Coal Bank.

Marsha Lovejoy won the 50/50, while Jim Lee came in first, Jason Cottrill second and Sue White placed third. The community would like to thank all those that helped, participated, cooked, cleaned, put up & took down signs, donated door prizes and everything else. Part of the Ritchie County part of the route was so remote that Casper Shuman had to be called upon to find the path.

A red fox was hit & killed on W. Va. 5 near where the Sanoma road turns off.

The big bad sheriff stopped the little bitty car for having a nonfunctional taillight. After some discussion the big bad sheriff went on up the road to check out the action in Creston. Then the little bitty car pulled back out on the road and 'died'. The hapless occupants were able to coast their chariot off the road into a wide spot where they tried valiantly to get the automobile to run. They, of course, hoped that the big bad sheriff would stop and either help them or give them a ride home. However, such was not to be as he drove right on by without looking and they were obliged to hoof it back to Creston.

Randall Lynch was among those participating in the reenactment of the Battle of Sycamore as part of the Moccasin Rangers. He had a relative who was a member of the original unit.

Perry Richards, age 54, passed away. He was the son of the late Ola "Pookie" Richards, who, for a time, lived on Bear Fork of Little Creek.

Patricia Clevenger dePue, age 74, wife of Jarrett dePue, passed away as the result of complications of diabetes.

While the new invasive pest, Japanese stilt grass, has said to have come down with a disease, the pest is four feet tall and healthy in the fertile Little Kanawha River bottoms.

The price of local Penn grade crude dropped to $65.25/bbl. Several area oil men and women attended the big catfish fry at the Ergon terminal north of Marietta. On Sept. 25 BD (Butch Deere Oil Gathering) will have a big pig roast that their headquarters on Mitchell's Lane near Marietta.

Several local residents attended the training held by the Southeast Ohio Oil & Gas Association held at the Washington County Fair Grounds.

While the local price of natural gas stays generally in the $3 range lots of wells are being permitted and drilled. Equitable plans 400, Chesapeake 20 new horizontals in Upshur County alone and Antero indicated that they would soon be drilling in Calhoun on farm outs from Mother Hope (Dominion). Presently they have been drilling horizontal Marcellus wells in Harrison which are making 5 - 7 mmcf/day (million cubic feet). Antero paid $3100/acre plus a 7 ½% ORR to Dominion for the Marcellus acreage.

The CEO of XTO, a Texas based outfit that has wells in Wirt, Ritchie and other counties indicated that the price of natural gas would soon go to $10/mcf as a result of the likely forced conversion of tractors & trailers to compressed natural gas. The company is said to have most of its gas locked in presently at $11/mcf.

Anna Engelke, Adam Yates, Alvin & Nancy Engelke, W. H. Schenerlein III & IV and Jane spent the weekend at Assateuge Island (where the horses roam) and Ocean City, Maryland, dining on seafood, etc.

Helen Nutter, Nancy Engelke and Carl Ferrell were among those who came down with an illness with sore throat, fever and other flu like symptoms.

The outing of Acorn, the community organizer group, by two young folks have given hope to many that truth will out and that the country may be saved even though the lamestream media ignored the breaking news. Now with the Internet, Fox news and talk radio there are alternative means to get news spread. However, little Johnny D. Rockefeller IV has introduced a bill that would allow the big eared one to shut down the Internet "in case of an emergency".

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