By Alvin Engelke

There will be a flea market at the Creston Community Building on Saturday, August 29. There should be some of anything anyone would want at the event. Also space is available for those who wish to set up. The next auction will be September 5.

There will be a revival starting Friday, August 28 at the Bell Chapel Methodist Church at Munday. Everyone is invited to attend.

Those who don't like all that is written in the Creston News sometimes say that "stories are made up." However, truth has always been stranger than fiction and if folks stayed up all night they would never come up today's news events.

The most recent item is the report that the Big Eared One has loaned $2 billion of our borrowed dollars to the government of Brazil to do offshore oil drilling. Now, of course, George Soros, the international billionaire who promoted "the messiah" recently invested $800 billion in the Brazilian government company making the venture his largest investment.

Of course, in America drilling for oil and gas & using coal & uranium are bad and especially awful is offshore oil and gas. Now American taxpayers can pay taxes to fund Soros and the government of Brazil so that the United States can import Brazilian oil & help fill Soros's bank. That is hope & change that one can believe in. Not so long back 'the greenies' were promoting Brazil as a nation that ran entirely on biodiesel & ethanol. Liberals would never lie; after all they are morally superior.

Nancy & Jane Engelke, along with Linda Sams are shopping at the market in Atlanta for Jane's store in Vienna.

Mike Graham is scheduled to start chemo & radiation treatment. He recently retired from the Wirt DOH.

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. His wife is on the mend after undergoing hip surgery.

Some local residents have already signed up for the Friends of America gala at Logan on September 7. The concert is free and includes Hank Williams, Jr., Ted Nugent, John Rich and Fox News and talk show host Sean Hannity. Tickets (free) can be obtained online at Friends of America rally.com. Many are fearful that folks with Marxist leanings plan to completely change America and eliminate the private sector and, of course, the jobs that are provided.

Jake Boggs, also known as the Stinson Stud, was in Creston over the weekend. One fellow put electric fence up to keep Jake away from the wimmen at his place. Jake just grinned while munching on a bologna sandwich.

The price of natural gasoline (drip or mountain high test) is $1.465/gallon while propane is 86.1 cents/gallon & isobutene is $1.211. The price of Penn grade crude rose to $67/bbl. The price of natural gas continues to be in the $3 range.

Local livestock producers have been contemplating how many head they can winter without purchasing feed. One man noted that on Saturday he sold a bull for circa $500 that he had purchased last year for $650 and that a good bred cow due to freshen fetched only $450.

The neighborhood watch received a call about someone going to a well site long after dark and there were concerns of either the harvest of pump jack engines or perhaps plants that somewhat resemble Spanish needles. 911 was duly called and the dispatcher indicated that law enforcement was busy elsewhere so local residents went and waited for the four-wheeler to come down off the hill. The young man was quite surprised by the crowd he had drawn but told who he was (his family has owned land in the area for over five generations) and he had gone up to a high point to get cell phone service to call his girl friend up in Ohio. He noted he would be involved in some ministry at Camp Barbe.

From what one reads there has been plenty of excitement in both the local court houses that are situate 13 miles from Creston.

There have been a number of very classy cars, including a convertible Corvette going up and down the Richardsonville road.

Speaking of cars, the Big Eared One's clunker program has apparently come to an end. American made cars were turned in to go to the crusher to provide scrap to Asia while foreign cars, especially Toyotas, were purchased.

More than a few were quite concerned about those folks who received an e-mail from Axelrod the fellow who apparently writes the Big Eared One's speeches. It should be apparent that Big Brother has lots of folks and their personal information available to the governmental elites.

It was noted that the coyotes hauled off a deer carcass on the dePue straight the other evening. Seems the buzzards weren't quick enough. Bambi & her friends have been feasting on green peaches.

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