By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs and Bell Chapel M. E. Churches and served Holy Communion.

Nancy Engelke has been having technical difficulties with her chariot. The other day it was towed back to the "fixit shop". She was also consulting with her orthopedic surgeon and her optometrist.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ray Cunningham were visiting family in Hedgesville, WV over the weekend.

SFC and Mrs. Thomas Fluharty were off visiting friends over the weekend.

Sarah, Michele, Emily and rebecca Rhodes were visiting Sgt. Todd Rhodes at Fort Bragg over the weekend.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins were in from their studies at Fairmont State College. They worked in a little four wheeling on Island Run and along the West Fork. Kyle Collins who spent the past several years in the service, mainly in the orient, also was four wheeling on his ancestral lands.

Euell Russell was attending to business in Brooksville and was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhodes.

Gaynelle Pennington has been on the sick list.

Some area residents visited the Legislature during the annual Ag and Forestry day and attended the "Taste of West Virginia Reception". John Perdue, Joe Manchin and Darrell McGraw were all there 'campaigning for governor in 2002'. Several had good talks with various of the legislators.

Columbia Natural Resources unit for their well on Flat Run in Roane County is 309.26 acres. There was no report on the well CNR presently is drilling. Columbia indicated that they plan to drill some Oriskany wells in the Roane/Calhoun area. Way back when Al Beard drilled a deep well on Beech and it was reported to have a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide although there are ways to deal with the poison.

It was learned that Dominion plans to shut down Hastings Station during August for an upgrade that will increase capacity by one third and eliminate 29 men's jobs.

Mary Reno spent the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell and family. Mary and Amy Nicole Ferrell attended Little Creek Church, Sunday morning.

Enron continues to be in the national news and it seems the twists and turns in the story never end. In 1999 Robert Rubin left his employment as Hil and Bill's Treasury Secretary and went back to Gotham where his wife hosted a pig party. At the party he met a fellow from City Corp. (now City Group). It seems that City Corp. held $2 billion (that is spelled with a b) of Enron debt but Rubin went to work for the firm and they issued a bunch of bonds that had as their backing the Enron debt. Then City Corp. sold the bonds so City Corp. ended up not having any Enron debt. All this happened during 2000-2001. One might draw some sort of conclusion from all this that would say Rubin knew about trouble (big trouble) back in 1999. Last fall he called the present Treas. Sec. on behalf of Enron asking for a political favor which he did not receive.

Another big bust is the Global Crossing fiasco. Bill Clinton's biggest fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe made a quick $18 million on the deal and various union investment funds were also involved in a big way - that is hundreds of millions. Global Crossing has the fiber optic cable that connects all the continents and now the proposed buyer for the outfit is Hutchinson Whampoa which presently controls the Panama Canal that the little fiddler gave away some years back. Hutchinson Whampoa is a front for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, an outfit that will make Osama and his uglies look like the pikes they are.

Cap'n Spock has been under the weather this week.

Uncle Jed reports that Bossie has a new heifer calf.

JP & RP Marks were among those attending to business in the buckeye state.

The pinion gear came out of C. Romeo Griffin, Jr.'s new (to him) chariot recently. Another third member was promptly installed with assistance from Mr. Goodwrench of Wilson's Fork.

A paper down at the mouth of Elk River reported that lawyer Tom Heywood was paid $5, 490 by the :"flush" state taxpayers to prepare for a 12 minute performance on a government Tee Vee station to promote the proposed new regional airport that is wanted by The Royal Mexican Air Force. His law firm has been paid $290,797 to work on the project and fight FOIA requests. With limited resources it may be that those living "away from the action spots" may have minimal transportation facilities.

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