By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. church. There will be no services next Sunday as the Burning Springs church, along with Bell Chapel & New Home (Mayberry) will have a picnic at North Bend State Park. Those who don't know the way or need a ride should be at the Burning Springs M. E. church at 9 A. M. Sunday morning.

Aunt Belle (Nancy Belle) Wright was calling on Charles Russell. She told Charles that she had broken her leg [a while back] and that this would likely be her last trip to Creston.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bish were visiting family in Pennsylvania.

Sponaugle & Underwood Construction, otherwise known as Heavy Maintenance has been doing some FEMA financed slide repair on the Ann's Run Road along the West Fork.

Agnes Marks is hospitalized while she undergoes some cancer treatments. She is said to be doing well.

Eva G. Pennington was consulting with her doctors.

Brandon Ferrell is spending a few days visiting Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and Jeremy.

A number of local residents participated in the farmer's market in Elizabeth Saturday. There was some very tasty local produce.

Local residents are getting ready for the Wirt County Fair.

When the Big Eared One said he didn't know the details of his government run health care plan his rating fell a notch. He showed his real self when he claimed "racial profiling" when police in Cambridge Massachusetts arrested a Harvard professor who got obnoxious and threatening when law enforcement was investigating a possible break-in at his residence. Back in November, the Won said, "We are going to fundamentally change America." and quite likely he was telling the truth. It now appears clear that all his friends and associates are those who "hate America" and want to impose a national socialist type system as was done in Italy & Germany after World War I. Others are like the Harvard law folks who "want to make whitey pay" as they live the life of luxury in their ivory towers.

The price of local natural gas was $3.38 for June production while the price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $61.25/bbl. Travelers report that gasolene prices were in the $2.30 -$2.40 range elsewhere and Red Richardson noted that in Myrtle Beach (not known for oil wells & refineries) the price was $2.03/gallon.

A spokesperson for a large energy company was explaining why it was fair that, with low prices, a 1/8th royalty would automatically convert to a 1/12th royalty. "We never change that", he said. Apparently the executives of his firm believe the view espoused by Phinneas T. Barnum about a sucker being born every minute.

The Creston area continues to receive rain. Elsewhere in the nation there continue to be set record low temperatures. The earth's temperature fluctuates with the activity of the sun, something not even the high priest himself, the great Albert Gore, Jr. can impact. When asked to cut back on emissions "to save the planet" the leaders in Hindoostan (India) in essence said "Shove it where the sun doesn't shine!" The Hindoo spokesman said, "You've read to many western newspaper articles [that aren't based on science]." The "Cap & Tax" legislation presently in the Congress to place high taxes on all Americans to "battle global warming". Of course there is a panic and everything must be hurries as the backers know that the cooling of the earth will soon be obvious and the hoax will become readily apparent.

It was reported that Appalachian Oil Producers (West Virginia Oil Gathering) now has their brine processing facility at Fairmont in operation. With the drilling of Marcellus wells and the resultant brine production there is now a call for a facility to deal with large amounts of salt water. The new plant will, among other things, distill the produced fluid and make salt to sell. Last winter the state DOH paid $135/ton for salt from South America delivered to the Port of Baltimore.

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