By Alvin Engelke

There were no services at the Burning Springs M. E. Church as there was a church picnic for all the Methodist churches in the county at the Sportsman's Park in Elizabeth.

Hope Starcher attended church camp at Singing Hills and, among other things, went canoeing in the Little Kanawha River.

There were 281 riders at the Creston ATV Poker Run. Those who made the trip said it was the best ride ever with some technical challenges. The ride went up the old road up Rock Run, down Bear Run and down Leading Creek, crossing the Little Kanawha River twice, among other places. Vickie Greathouse won the 50/50. Daniel Ludwig had the best hand followed by Clayton Young & Erica Christopher.

While setting up the ride there were two cloudbursts that washed out a ditch. Alvin Engelke slid into the ditch with his ATV on him. Those with him got the four-wheeler off him but it wouldn't run and Jack Nutter didn't have enough cable on his winch to pull it up the bank. Weasel's Rescue Service was called upon to pull the clunker up the hill and then, with a little tinkering by Weasel, Alvin was able to ride it home.

Along about 6 P. M. Saturday there was a report that someone was knocked "over the guardrail" and hurt. According to WTAP-TV, Gene McAlarney of Whipple Ohio who was driving a car and Shawn Martin who was on a four-wheeler had a disagreement over something. After stopping on the Little Creek bridge matters apparently came to a head and Ryan Barrett of Vincent Ohio stopped to break up the melee. Then, according to reports, the throttle stuck on someone's four-wheeler and Barrett was knocked off the bridge down into the rocks. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital where he was listed in fair condition. Sheriff Wilson and Sgt. Nichols investigated the incident with some charges being filed.

The Creston Community would like to thank all those who worked to make the ATV poker run a success, those who set up the route (which involved a lot of physical work), those who donated for the desserts, door prizes, etc., worked the kitchen, did the signups, sold the shirts & cookbooks, picked up the signs, cleaned up the building and those who came and participated. Some called and said that it was being told that the ride was all on blacktop; apparently there are those who try to put black clouds over the lives of others. One fellow said, while setting up the route, "After these sections, they'll be begging for a little hardtop road." Because of the Friday rains, "Plan B" had to be used which had some blacktop along the Richardsonville Road.

Several area residents attended the Wood County (Interstate) Fair. Others got stuck in the big Friday evening traffic jam on I-77 and W. Va. 14.

There was a big rally against the Big Eared One's Cap & Trade Carbon Tax Bill down at the Mouth of the Elk. In addition to crippling the oil, gas and coal industries, the plan would make huge increases in the price of motor fuel and utilities. In addition what remaining manufacturing that is left in America would be placed at a terrible competitive disadvantage against India, China, Mexico & most of the rest of the world. This is being proposed at the same time as the congresscritters are being told to implement socialized medicine which will result in the rationing and denial of medical treatment as we know it.

The New York Slimes, sometimes called the "paper of record" warned that the Big Eared One's choice to head the National Institute of Health was likely a poor decision since Dr. Francis S. Collins was a Christian. However, the czar to oversee science, John Holdren promotes population control by embracing "forced abortions" for American women. Holdren suggested adding something to the nation's water supply to make women infertile and suggested that there be established a planetary regime that could control all natural resources as well as the use and distribution thereof.

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Stutler were visiting Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Arthur.

Ted Grim & Debbie McCracken were visiting area relatives and friends.

Ronnie Nutter has been visiting Mr. & Mrs. Jack Nutter & the other residents of the Nut Hut.

The price of local Penn grade crude is $56.75/bbl. In spite of low prices for natural gas Chesapeake is working on setting up a unit for a second deep well in Roane County out the ridge from their proposed Robey Knight #1 basement test well east of Walton.

Butch Deere's oil hauling crew was in Creston hauling crude for Russell Hupp.

The state road crew has been grading local roads and applying herbicides along W. Va. 5. A special sealant was placed in the cracks in the concrete on the bridge across the West Fork at Creston.

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