By Alvin Engelke

Albert Gore, Jr. returned to the "world scene" and determined that the internal combustion engine was doomed to the ash bin of history. Some would claim that there is global warming since the frogs have been out hopping around and bugs were flying in January but then came the report that the amount of ice on Antarctica continues to grow, etc. Some older residents remember plum trees blooming in Creston in February. Those with short memories forget about the cyclical nature of the weather.

The excitement in Creston was the possibility of a lack of power for the Creston auction. Don Rhodes reported to EueIl Russell that the service line was on the ground. Two calls were made to Allegheny Power and when it was made clear that a live wire was on the ground where there would be children playing a repair man was dispatched. As folks came from far and near for the auction they asked, "What is the problem? Has it been called off'..."

The repair man, a friendly fellow from Glenville, looked the situation over and determined that this really was a job for a crew but the folks kept coming and Carl Ferrell volunteered his services He didn't have enough wire to run a proper drop so a splice had to be made but after about 1 1/2 hours the lights came back on in the Community Building, the coffee started to brew and the evening was saved. The tired utility man came in, ate a couple of hot dogs with Debbie's special Sauce and onions and drank a cup of coffee to help him make his way back up river.

County Commission candidate Roy H. Copen was attending to business in Creston as was Calhoun County Commissioner Bob Weaver and Wirt County Commissioner Robert Lowe. Others will just have to eat their hearts out for it would seem that Creston is "where it is at".

Some time back Gaylen Duskey who writes for one of the big papers did a special on Howard Johnson. Howard also has a fan club in Creston where he is known for his hard ware expertise, oil field scouting and cooking prowess. Duskey also mentioned that economic development might be enhanced With a casino at Creston. Apparently Duskey misread a prior report by a Mr. Eberbaugh. It should be noted that the proper location for a casino should be in the neighborhood of the former General Lee road house that was situate at Three Bridges.

Former Creston resident Terry Grim is the proud owner of a new (to him) Ford Ranger pickup truck. According to Cap'n Spook. this makes him eligible to be commissioned to the rank of Cap'n in the Star Fleet since he now has his own Starship to command

It was learned that Samantha, the comely brownie baker, received a very nasty 'Christmas Present' from some unkind people who have a base of operations on a ridge in Calhoun County. Of course they laid the blame on the folks who are based down near the mouth of Tucker's Creek even though latter group knew nothing about the dastardly deed.

Nancy Engelke was consulting with her physician.

Uncle Jed & Smoky, Jed's trusty collie & highly skilled cattle herding dog, have been having a time up on the farm. whilst Jed was fetching the grain out of the barn, Bossie the cow got perturbed at Smoky and chased him under the barn door. Then she slammed her bead into the door, knocking it shut. The door in turn smacked Uncle Jed in the head & he found himself on the ground inside watching Smoky and Bossie exchanging unpleasantries through the partially opened barn door. At this point Lulu the possum huntin' cat" teamed up with Smoky and lit on Bossie's nose clawing and scratching until the befuddled bovine gave up and got out of the way. Ellie May and Jeffro Bodine called on Jed and critters later in the week and learned of the doings.

Leota Workman was visiting SFC & Mrs. Thomas Fluharty and other area family over the weekend. She, and many others, received letters advising that the taxes on their real estate would go up more than 10% next year.

The president, in his speech to the nation, and comments made by Sec. Rumsfeld make it clear that Mohammedan crazies still plan to kill us all and return the world to the 9th century just like they did in Afghanistan. George Engelke learned that 8,000 of the 9,000 Arabs who got the PC letters to come in for an interview have vanished and no doubt some of them are planning on killing vast numbers of Americans. It was noted that all this gives rural life a real boost far away from sky scrapers, big tunnels, jumbo jets and famous bridges. Some have suggested that the detainees in cages down in Cuba be fed sausage for breakfast and that Onward Christian Soldiers be broadcast on the P. A. system.

Garrold McKown was calling on Ethel and Gene Rader.

Ira S. Lynch, Sr. was attending to business in Elizabeth.

The Wirt road crew hauled some rock up the WEVA station. They also did some work on Burning Springs Run. The Calhoun crew was working on the Richardsonville road and on Little Creek. The other evening Operator Hixon left the lights on the loader but the Wirt night watchman got a key and turned off the blinker.

Commander Steve Mowrey, USN, Retired, was attending to business in Washington, D.C. recently.

The folks down at the mouth of Elk River never cease to amaze the taxpayers of the state. Seems the present runway down at Yeager airport isn't big enough to handle the new cargo planes in the Royal Mexican Air Force so a new airstrip in Lincoln County has been proposed. Or course the Stowers and Jackson families are prominent in Lincoln County. It would seem that imports are very crucial for some folks. At the same time that vast sums are planned for the big new airport it would seem that the state, and the retirement programs are in serious trouble, & that was after Anthony J. Manchin and friends "fixed everything right" and had a book printed saying how fine things were. Some of that batch must have later gone to work for Global Crossing and Enron.

A number of local oil and gas operators attended the IOGA meeting down at 'he mouth of Elk River. Dominion (formerly CNG) reported that all was on schedule for their new line to North Carolina [and Florida) which will transport 900 million cubic feet/day. It would likely take 200 Trenton/Black River wells to fill the line.

John Winter, a spokesman for Equitable Gas, advised folks who get flat rate royalties from the company that the payments may be delayed. The flat rate leases were used back when American was on the gold standard and men could he hired to work for $1 for a 12 hour day. FIat rate wells pay from $5 to $400 per year as a royalty even if gas sales are in the tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Spokespersons for the firms that have these wells adamantly claim that this is "fair".

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock and Dixie were among those calling on Aunt Verda and Uncle Pete this weekend. Spock and Pete have been engaged the spring-time government mandated madness known as income tax filing.

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