By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Chester Jarvis, who lived & grew up down on the Petty place back before World War II passed away in Florida after a protracted illness. Chester had built wooden replicas of boats, scenes and buildings around Creston which are on display in the Community Building. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

Willard Jones, age 91, passed away. Back when, he played a lot of fine music at Creston. He brought a lot of sunshine into many lives over his long life.

The ice cream social will be held Saturday, July 4 at the fire station in Elizabeth. Also there will be a Tea Party starting at noon next to the Wood County Court House in Parkersburg. It seems that the Big Eared One doesn't much care for those who attend tea parties. Some have suggested his views may be close to the view expressed by the Supreme Leader in Iran as concerned the protesters there.

The Creston Community Building meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 7.

It was reported that Bob Belt is very poorly.

Rod Lynch got his tractor back after having it restored.

Some folks got some hay up but other hay was well "rinsed' before being baled.

Scott Rader has a big timber job going on out on Creston hill. Some monster poplar logs were taken to market. There has also been some surveying and some natural gas lines were "found".

J. E. Schrader, Sr. was attending to business in Spencer.

Eula Sandy Honaker would like to wish her dad, Frank Sandy, and her brother, Franklin Sandy both happy birthdays as they both have special days this month.

W. Harrison Schenerlein IV spent the weekend visiting in Creston.

Discussions continue about the obvious absence of the Little Fiddler from the U. S. Senate and the refusal of his staff to even say where he is being kept. Talk is that the Big Boss plans to name himself and then Earl Ray, now described as "the lieutenant governor" can take over. The passage by the U. S. House of the 'cap & trade' tax bill was a real blow to manufacturing, oil & gas and the very freedom that has made America great. In addition to bad science, those who promote such schemes have no understanding of economics. However, many feel that the real intent is to destroy the economy, make everyone destitute with the idea that then folks will all look to the federal government for sustenance. The famine in Egypt that Joseph predicted comes to mind.

The price of local natural gas fell to $3.25/MCF while the price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell to $62.50/bbl. It was reported that the price of coal fell also.

It was reported that both Clarence "Tink" Boggs & Carl Ray "Cuddles" Osborne retired. It was noted that all that should bring out lots of "poly ticks".

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