Kathleen H. Taylor

Here we are back at the wonderful world of Beason. Welcome.

First, we must send out our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Marcella Toppings of Calhoun. She and I were friends for about 15 years. I will always remember some pretty questionable activities we had in the past. Anything that we ever did together or she did by herself I always got the heat for. For example, I got the blame for soaping somebody's car windows in which I never had a part in. She was really good at mischief and excellent in creating a good alibi. I know she is looking down and reading this and laughing her butt off. I sure hope so.

I have been working really hard at both of my jobs. It has been quite a juggle to get everything done and everyone where they are supposed to be. My house looks like a wreck and I'm hoping there is nothing living in the swimming pool. The kids wouldn't care even if there were. They have a lot less paranoia than I do.

Although Avery was quite concerned that someone would break into our car and steal his Happy Meal while we ran into the grocery store. I assured him that if anyone broke into my car just for that, I would personally buy the "robber's" lunch. One has to be a very brave soul to get into my car to start with. The poor criminal would have to climb over toys, cups and who knows what else to get to Avery's lunch. A couple of French fries wouldn't be worth that amount of risk to one's health.

My sister's husband bought a Harley. My sister had mentioned that she had been on one and my standard answer was, "yeah, right". I was not buying that story for a second. I told her I had to see it to believe it. One evening she and her husband had stopped at my work on this bike. I was in complete shock. I always thought of her as pretty tightly wound and for her to cut loose on a bike nearly put me in a coma.

I have learned a little lesson recently about Harleys and their riders. The real thing that makes those bikes cool is the people that ride them. (Of course, my sister is on my "cool" list) To me, if one is a real shallow individual that rides one, they are completely ruining the Harley Davidson name as well as giving the rest of the riders a bad reputation in which they do not deserve. It's a shame, but it happens.

I am still not sure what we will do for vacation. The way the price of gas is, we might be vacationing in the back yard. We went to Cincinnati for a couple of days last year. The kids really enjoyed that. I think Avery was the bravest when it came to getting on the big stuff at Kings Island. I don't know where he gets that bravery from because it sure isn't me. It's kind of like Ethan's math skills, I have none. He is gifted in math, it took me twice to get through Algebra I. I think that clearly proves that the theory of major intelligence skipping a generation is true. (At least in my case).

I went to my Mom's last night and stopped at the elementary school on the way home to do a few laps on the track. As I was walking, the lightning bugs came out. Do you remember how special lightning bugs were when you were growing up? I remember coming to West Virginia every summer to my Grandma's and catching lightning bugs. We'd put them in a jar by the bed hoping they would cast this magical light upon the room. What really happened was we'd fall asleep too soon and the bugs would be dead shortly after they were forced in a jar. So much for the wonderful world of childhood.

The Beauty Mafia would like to give a shout out to our friend, Chad, may he get his head out of Hollywood and start waking up in Vegas where he belongs.

Have a great week.

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