By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Ed Graham fixed the eves trough where the wind had blown it off.

The Neighborhood Watch flea market was a success Saturday. The local folks have been keeping extra tabs on a certain fellow who has been spending time in the area after dark.

Gay Park, Eva. G. Pennington, Agnes Marks and Edith Mills are all home from the hospital.

The Wirt road crew has been mowing grass in the Creston area & the Calhoun crew has been doing backhoe work on the Richardsonville road.

The local area had some nice cherries but the birds kept them picked before they were ready. The waxwings came by to assist in the harvest.

While rains and storms have continued, there was sunshine over the weekend and some gardens could be worked.

Austin Westfall received straight As on his report card again & received a T-Ball trophy.

Connie Boggs received a good report from her doctor. To celebrate she, her sister, Jackie Sue & Kylee Blair spent some time at Virginia Beach.

The Folk Festival is at Glenville this weekend. A former resident of the Armadillo Farm was featured on the cover of Goldenseal magazine.

Donald Alan Jackson, the former Tyler County road supervisor and some of his family were attending to business and visiting in Creston Saturday.

Chesapeake & the DEP announced that the forced pooling hearing for the deed well in Roane County will be held July 22 starting at 9 A. M. at the DEP office in Kanawha City. Of course the public is invited to attend.

Natural gas prices continue to linger in the $4 range & the price of local Penn grade crude oil was $65.25 over the weekend. While the talk is that all the drilling is over and all that 'rot' there were five new CBM (coal bed methane) wells, 15 horizontal wells (including two in the Oriskany) and 32 vertical wells permitted last week.

Cabot announced that they were closing down their office in West Virginia and were going to operate their state holdings from an office in Pennsylvania. This isn't the first time that Cabot "closed up shop" in West Virginia. Likely old Godfrey L. Cabot is spinning in his grave.

Among the companies doing the new drilling is Denver based Antero which acquired Marcellus acreage from Mother Hope (Dominion) at the rate of $3,000+/acre along with a 7 1/2% overriding royalty.

Now that the automotive industry is run by the government, along with the big banks, the Marxist in chief has zeroed in on the Health and insurance businesses. In spite of problems, mostly caused by government mandates, it is obvious that America has the best health care to be found anywhere on the planet. The plan now is to destroy that so that more folks can lose their jobs, more taxes can be implemented and health care can be rationed like it is in other socialist countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. The head of a grocery store chain showed with real figures how to contain health care costs but, since it doesn't involve the government, it probably will be ignored.

A local fellow who has always had a milk cow was paid a visit by a government man who told him that he could not take milk from his barn to his house - that it was a criminal act and such was not allowed. Then they jumped on the man for "allowing his animals to get into the creek". Of course they were on a hill farm that has no streams on the property. Apparently the government men intimidated the local fellow as he said, "My milk cow is now on a dairy up in Ohio where she will be all right." He also noted that the government man told a local dairy operator, "We know that you are taking milk from the dairy into your house! If we go in your house and find milk there we'll lock you down and put you out of business forever. We are from the government!"

The legal notices for the proposed new white elephant power line have been run and those who have land in the general area must now write the PSC or otherwise one is forever banned from having any input. There are also copies of the plans, maps, etc, in the local court houses.

Dinia Sue Mullenix, age 56, formerly of Creston passed away. She was the daughter of the late Wilda Mullenix. She is survived by her sister Reva and brother Arthur.

Hay harvest is way behind and in many places now they are talking about the year without a summer as frosts continue in the northland. Many believe that the cooler weather has to do with the solar cycle which, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with human activity. Those who follow such things indicate that the peak sunspot number will be 90 which will be the lowest since 1928 when the cycle peaked at 78. In times of low sunspot activity there is the chance for geomagnetic storms. In 1859 there was one that made Northern Lights so bright that one could read the newspaper by them. In addition it caused fires in telegraph offices and electrified transmission cables. If such were to hit today it would cause $2 trillion in damage to high-tech infrastructure and take from four to ten years to repair. Those who want to know more can read about the "Carrington Effect".

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