By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, February 2, starting at 6 p.m. at the Creston Community Building. Come celebrate Ground Hog Day with an evening of fun, bargain hunting, good food, etc. Proceeds go to the Community Building.

The Creston area had some hard rain and the road to the WEVA station was closed for a couple of days. Travel to Spencer was difficult because of water there but local residents could go around by Ground Hog to get over in the Spring Creek section. Folks who live up around the river from Creston were blocked in too.

Cap'n Spock was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Ward O'Dell. Spock was also doing mechanical work on the Starship Enterprise.

SFC and Mrs. Thomas Fluharty finally made it back from their trip to Floriday but not much was said about the tandem bicycle. It was learned that The Great Pifu was down there doing some carpentry work for the Dealer in Antiques.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M.E. church.

W.A. Wilson, Jr. and B.A. Lynch were attending to business in Spencer where the chariot they were driving broke down.

Local area tom cats have been out and about visiting the ladies. There has been a lot of squalling and fighting among the gents.

Local residents were among those who received calls from an out of state firm on behalf of WVU Medical School's statewide survey. It seemed that the main thing they were pushing was socialized medicine - "how can the government help?". Likely most of the problems facing medical care today would be resolved if the socialists would get out of the way and allow the market place to work. Also the WVU Med. School is pushing New Age Religion in a big way for "it's curative effects".

Foo Foo the poodle came to visit Fritzina the cuddly kitten. Fritzina decided that a good offense likely was best so she put a paw to Foo Foo's snout. After that Foo Foo would never make up although Fritzina decided Foo Foo was harmless and all right.

Garrison Tawney, a prominent Looneyville citizen, reported that oil and gas hands over in his section were laid off because of Enron's failure to pay for gas that they had purchased from local producers. It was reported that Columbia and Dominion, as well as Allegheny Power, were all left holding the bag.

Back in 1996 Enron came to the U.S. Congress asking for a variance in a law requiring advising investors about "side dealings" that are kept off the books. The folks in Congress that were approached assumed that Enron was on the up and up and wondered why a reputable firm would ask for such. In any event, large donations aside, the answer was NO. They, apparently on the advice of treasury Sec. Rubin, Mac MacLarty, Tony Lake, etc. Enron went over the Securities and Exchange Commission and obtained their variance. One trusts that Mr. Waxman will check that out.

It seems that Enron was very generous with their cash and campaign contributions. Some writers got 50 thou just to be on "an advisory board". Poor John D. Rockefeller IV along with fiddlin' Bobby Byrd and Nickie Jo Rahall on the local scene received cash as did Hillary and Sen. "Mr. Campaign Reform" McCain.

The price of local crude oil rose to $16.50/bbl over the weekend while local natural gas was $2.02.

Irvin Walker took some equipment up the West Fork over the weekend.

Charles Russell was calling on Dorothy Graham while Euell Russell was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhodes.

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