By Alvin Engelke

The Shrine ATV Poker run is scheduled for Saturday May 30 starting on the historic dePue farm on the Creston (dePue) straight on W. Va. 5. A number of local residents participated in the ATV Poker run held Saturday on Yellow Creek.

The Creston donation auction is scheduled for Saturday June 6. It is a bargain hunter's dream.

Murrell Basnett, age 94, of Lemuel's Run passed away. She was the widow of the late Dale Basnett. She is survived by many nieces & nephews and a host of friends.

Carroll V. Knotts, age 66, of Coolville Ohio passed away. He was the son of the late P. E. & Greta Baker Knotts of Minnora. Greta's parents, Ira & Ella Campbell Baker lived on the West Fork at the mouth of Pete's Run. Ira was a pumper for the WEVA Oil Corp.

Rev. Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Nathan Belt has been a patient in a Parkersburg hospital.

The water line crew finally replaced the concrete sidewalk at the Burning Springs Community Building which serves the local area as a voting precinct.

While a lot of fine first cutting hay has been made, haymaking came to a halt Sunday evening with heavy rain and flash flood warnings.

The USDA's multiflora rose is now in bloom. Earlier the autumn olive had been blooming and both (being exotics) were leafed out before the native vegetation. They are "good" examples of government programs to "help people". The wise ones who promoted these Asian pests are now long retired living in posh resorts and the citizens are now burdened with dealing with the government programs and will be for generations to come.

Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshiper? Well, it seems he sold his soul to Santa.

Local residents have been busy placing flowers on the graves of loved ones. The peonies were in their prime this time as were iris, mock orange, etc.

A number of local residents motored to Charleston to hear Michael Steele speak. He, as others, noted the serious errors being done by the big eared one, his handler George Soros and the rubber stamp congress. Also present at the meeting were former Congressman Mick Staton, Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito and her parents, Arch & Shelly Moore, State Sen. Donna Boley & husband Jack, John Raese, Jay Wolfe, Sen. Clark Barnes, Sen. Dave Sypolt, etc.

Back during the campaign the mantra was hope & change. Now for the folks who worked at the GM & Chrysler dealerships that the big eared one closed it is "Change you can believe in and hope that you can find another job". A prominent eastern W. Va. Democrat noted that the things being done in Washington will cause many years of economic hard times and 'make a lot of poor people'. The official spokesperson has said that unemployment will get higher and stay that way for "quite some time". Real concern has been expressed when a careful reading of the glib one's speech, supposedly on the holding of terrorists, indicated that U. S. Citizens could be held indefinitely without charges. The homeland security folks had already labeled returning veterans, those opposing the killing of babies and those attending tea parties as 'suspicious characters'.

Iran moved warships out in the open ocean and North Korea set off another atom bomb but the pampered pothead, Albert Gore, Jr., demands action on his so called global warming. In his luxury villa apparently he was unaware that it frosted two mornings last week which set records for low temperatures. Historically the last killing frost here is May 10. "To save the planet" and because no one will have any money, the new "green" cars are likely to be "knockoffs" of the Yugo.

Mr. & Mrs. Denver McFarland & Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and families went camping over the weekend. Many others were working in their gardens.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil rose to $55/bbl.

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