By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, February 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. All sorts of goodies will be available, grab bags, 50/50, cheese, pepperoni, etc. along with the good time that comes when folks get together for the evening. All are welcome and proceeds go to maintain the community building and help with special community events.

Nolan Wayne was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhodes. He noted that the church in Creston was slated to open soon.

Tim Carpenter and an oilfield associate killed a rabid red fox on a well location after it started to act strangely. Since Albert Gore, Jr. and Hillary werent in complete control of the nation, Tim was able to use his gun to kill the mad animal. It has been noted that the present rabies epidemic is worst among 221coons and foxes. As a result of the uproar caused by the synthetic clothes folks (and the animal rights folks they fund), fur has fallen out of favor and for the first time in 400 years there is little to no trapping pressure on furbearers. As a result the raccoon population has exploded and along with the population explosion has come the rabies epidemic which started in eastern West Virginia.

Capn & Mrs. Spock and Dixie were among those calling on Aunt Verda & Uncle Pete, Sunday afternoon.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. and Lady Di were among those calling on Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Griffin.

Rosa McFee of Burning Springs passed away after an extended illness.

Nellie D. Woodring, age 87, of Canal Fulton, Ohio, passed away. She was the widow of Russell Woodring, Sr. The Woodring family formerly lived in Creston.

Stymie and Kim Plummer and family spent the weekend visiting relatives including Doreen Plummer, Edgar and Bootsie Richards.

Mark "Old Lizard" Shimer was calling on Donna Sue Ferrell and family.

A number of area residents were on hand at the Blennerhassett Hotel to hear Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito speak. Local residents discussed their concerns with the new member of the U. S. House of Representatives. Also present was former State Senator Jay Wolfe who had, some years back during a statewide campaign, visited on the Richardsonville Road. He talked with Jane Engelke, who at that time was 11 and, along with her 9 year old sister, fixed Jay tacos. He noted that his stay in a log cabin was a significant part of his cross state journey.

Bill McFee noted that, with the change in administration, tobacco allotments had been increased 36%. Last year the folks in Washington slashed local producers allotments 45% so their foreign friends and contributors could sell imported tobacco. Some would hope that the local area would start to produce Turkish tobacco, the most expensive component of the tobacco in cigarettes.

Russ Richardson gave a presentation on the commercial growing of ginseng (seng) and other plants in the rich mesophytic woods that cover much of the local area. If properly marketed ginseng fetches $1000/lb and the local area could, fairly easily, produce $50 -$100 million of crop craved by the Chinamen each year which would, to say the least, help the local economic condition. Some noted that the folks over in Ohio think it will work and their extension service is hot to beat W. Va. to the punch.

Dixie, the K-9 Quarterback and her feline friend, Kat, both had professional consultations with their physician, Dr. Dan Cain at his Brooksville office.

There have been at least 3 sets of twin lambs born over in the Annamoriah section along with some fine baby calves. The Creston area received a little more snow over the weekend but it has been good weather for new arrivals on the farm.

The wellhead price of natural gas sold on the Dominion (formerly CNG) system was set at $10.91/MMBTU. Last year the price was $2.53. It was learned that Columbia (now NISOURCEs) well in Webster County is stuck (the tools are hung) at 10,000 feet and problems continue to plague the drilling near Linden. Cabot has indicated they will start drilling soon in Calhoun County and the fuss over B & R s (Bob Richards) location on the Sload farm on Canoe in Roane are said to be getting serious. One person, close to the action noted, "Columbia will just wool them to death." At the same time a new mystery firm has come to Roane County looking for big blocks of acreage to begin immediate deep drilling. Some wonder if they plan to (since drilling rigs seem not to be available) drill in cyberspace.

Westvaco, the areas largest landowner, announced that the annual meeting of stockholders will be held in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on February 27. The meeting will be held in the Astor Salon located at 301 Park Avenue

It was reported that Bill Lamb sold United Petro to a new group called Gas Ventures, Inc.

The ex-presidents pardon of fugitive billionaire Mark Rich continues to be a hot topic of discussion. Former presidential adviser Dick Morris noted that since Richs new lawyer was instrumental in keeping some high profile folks out of the pokey, it was pay back time. Those who worked at the old Kaiser plant are furious and, based on the volatility of the gas and oil markets, many others are worried.

Auction Saturday, February 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-01. food, tools, knickknacks, 50/50, grab bags, special items. Details, contact Donna Sue at 275-3202.

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