By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area received a few inches of snow over the weekend making for beautiful scenery, snowball fights, clever snowmen and some slippery roads.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins were Saturday supper guests of Fairmont State College President and Mrs. Daniel "Call Me Dan" Bradley.

Barbara Jane Fluharty was calling on Dr I Yankem, her family dentist She is now missing some chompers.

W. A. Wilson, Jr. is much improved after a short stay at the Minnie Hamilton Health facility. He has been suffering from renal difficulties, among other things.

SFC Thomas Fluharty motored to Floriday with the Dealer in Antiquities. There was no truth in the rumor that they were riding around florida on a tandem bicycle.

A pack of at least 9 dogs in the Annamoriah area got in the habit of chasing cattle. while this is bad anytime it was especially serious at this time since the cows are having calves now. Then the pack got into a goat herd and killed several. Effective control measures were implemented and now the cattle only have to fear the DNR's coyotes.

Those are out and about see large flocks of wild turkeys At least four dozen are in the flock that is on the Richardsonville road near Creston

J. E. Schrader, Sr. was attending to business in Elizabeth.

Some local residents took in the Agatha Christie play, Black Coffee, at a theater in Parkersburg. It was a murder mystery with several colorful characters.

Charles I. Russell was consulting his podiatrist in Parkersburg and was consulting also with the medical staff at Minnie Hamilton Health Cart Center as was his brother, Euell. Both were undergoing routine tests.

The other evening the hoot owls were getting with it up in Pete's Run but it was noted that the sound of Pete's Run's resident owls won't he heard for much longer as the clear cut will remove everything down to bare ground. Then the dozers 'will shove the topsoil away arid the folks with green cards (or who are supposed to have green cards) will plant a pine monoculture.

The Old Furniture Salesman reported that he had laid awake at night and figured out what kind of man would make up stories on him. He noted that he used a 270 for his famous "long shot". He allowed as how the fellow who told the tale had more gun than he could use and/or felt bad that someone else outdid him. It seemed like be had someone in rnind.

Nancy Engelke was consulting with Dr Mills.

The fallout continues from the Enron bankruptcy and facts continue to be made available for all to see. Some of those who lost have been notified by the U.S. Bankruptcy court but others only read the news in the papers or the internet.

Those folks who leased to Cornerstone Energy or had leases with Energy Search, Inc. received letters from EOG Resources advising that the firm, formerly known as Enron Oil and Gas was spun off from the parent firm a year ago arid is now a separate company on the big board. This would lead one to conclude that Enron did like the Rockefeller family did with Columbia's bankruptcy and planned it so that all the assets were put in safe havens far away from the creditors.

It seems that the folks that ran Enron were into the big bucks, especially when the U. S. taxpayers were footing the bill. American taxpayers ponied up $400 million to build the big power plant in India even when all who reviewed the proposal said it was a white elephant, at best. Presently it is in default which is why VP Cheney asked the government of India if they would please make a payment. At one point Enron even tried to sell the facility to the red Chinese.

The bankruptcy will cost the State of W. Va. a significant amount of corporate and severance taxes and county taxes will also be lowered.

One who studies such matters noted that the Price spikes last year in wholesale natural gas indicated that someone was manipulating the market and now the matter is much clearer. Speaking of prices the value of local crude oil fell 75 cents to $14.25/bbl.

To put the squeeze on coal, etc. Enron jumped on the global warming hoax and pushed the Kyoto protocols for all they were worth. It should be noted that President Bush gave the Kyoto accords the treatment they deserved which was the round file.

Ardent ran Pipe in their well on Bull River (Bennett's Mill Run) and Columbia started their new well on Shaver in Roane County. It was reported that Cabot ran tubing in their well on Road Fork and that the rig Ins been taken down so a service rig can be moved in to complete the well.

Todd Rhodes and daughters were calling in the Creston area over the weekend. He had been called up to active duty. Sec. of Defense Rusmsfield said it might take 10 years to repair the damage done to the U.S. military by the prior administration which may be why the attack on Iraq might have to wait. Of course the red Chinese will have more time to prepare to kill us all. Back before the Taliban got bonked the Chicoms were in Kabul working on a deal with Osama and the one eyed Mullah.

Uncle Jed, Ellie May and Jethro Bodine loaded up in the ol' truck a while back on a snowy day and lit off for the mouth of Elk River, no doubt to lend their wisdom and expertise to the city folks down there who are in need of such. This is especially true since the Legislature is in session

Ohio put their frost law into effect and the Buckeye loggers are now in West Virginia tearing up roads since there is no frost law here.

Cap'n Spock had a professional consultation with Dr. John Jones down on Dailey Run the other day. The Cap'n related the symptons his father-in-law's tractor displayed. After Doc rendered his diagnosis, they fixed him up with the parts required. Now the tractor is running fine again.

Nancy and Jane Engelke were among those who took in the Fair & Festivals conference at the Mouth of Elk River. The Wirt County Fair queen placed in the top 15 and the fair book placed second.

Martin Twist who has been active in deep drilling m Roane & Jackson counties reported that he has come up with a drilling rig and investors can buy a piece of the rig. Partners can obtain 1/8% interests in wells drilled by the principals, among other things. According to the promotional literature, the rig will drill 4 wells each month although it is not made clear if this be a double; triple or what. B T. Barnum had a famous quote.

Area residents are reminded that the deadline for filing for elective office will soon be past and then one might have to contend with less than desirable office holders. Locally, the school board (too often a rubber stamp), county court (commission), delegate and state senator, as well as executive committees are open.

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