Minutes From Recorder Shelia Gherke

Mayor Knight opened the floor to Dave Johnson (Water Department). Mr. Johnson addressed the Council with concerns regarding Junior Deuley. He would like for the Council to reconsider retaining Mr. Deuley as part-time employee. Mr. Johnson said it would cut down on overtime and would be a benefit to the maintenance.

(Councilwoman) Margureitte Basnett referred to the last meeting in which she stated Mayor Knight was to tell him (Mr. Deuley) as of January 1, 2001, he would no longer be needed. Council understood hours would be given to Patrick Starkey.

Mayor Knight responded that was an incorrect statement. Mr. Dueley has continued working with the approval of Mayor Knight. Mayor stated that in the last Council meeting held on December 5, 2001, the Council was adamant on dismissing Mr. Deuley. Mayor Knight has talked with Dave Johnson and told him he would talk with Mr. Deuley and let Mr. Johnson address the Council in the next meeting.

Junior Deuley was hired to work in the Sewer Department under the supervision of Ralph Campbell, (but) he moved himself to the Water Department. Bonnie Bird stated the former Recorder Phyllis Maze told her that his pay would come half from Water Department and half from the General Fund.

Mayor Knight stated further discussion needs to wait until council goes into executive session. (Councilman) Jerry Collins made a motion to continue issue in executive session. (Later) Councilwoman Jane Wease made a motion to go into executive session at 8:15, seconded by Jerry Collins. (Councilwoman) JoAnn Shock made a motion to go out of executive session at 9:10 p.m., seconded by Jane Wease.

JoAnn Shock made a motion for a $30 pay increase to Council (from $20 per meeting to $50) effective January 1, 2002, seconded by Jane Wease. The motion passed with Councilman Jerry Collins abstaining.

(Councilman) Jerry Collins made a motion to retain Junior Deuley, with stipulation he works in the Water Department only and if no longer needed will have to apply for another position, seconded by Jane Wease. The motion failed three to two. Junior Deuley will be terminated immediately.

Councilman Jerry Collins presented his letter of resignation effective February 1, 2002.

In other Council business, the minutes said:

Mayor Knight reported that Stanley Little, due to illness, will no longer take care of the parking meters. Chief (Charles) McCroskey is training a new worker from the WV Department of Human Resources, and will be working until he finds other employment. A letter has been sent to all the businesses in Grantsville stating we do have a meter person on duty.

City Court has made over $200 in three sessions.

Trash fee for all rental units has been resolved. All units are assessed separately and statements have gone out to them.

(Councilwoman) Jane Wease made a motion, seconded by Peggy Cain, to accept resolution terms of Gov. Wise's award of a $6000 grant for the fire department. Motion passed unanimously.

(Councilwoman) JoAnn Shock made a motion to seek grant funding from JAIB, seconded by Councilman Jerry Collins. Motion passed unanimously.

The town has been granted the right to regulate parking in the Town of Grantsville. An owner of a semi truck has been parking on the West end of Main Street and would like to continue doing so. He states he needs to have visual contact with the truck at all time to prevent vandalism. Jerry Collins made a motion to restrict parking in the last four sports on the West end of Main Street to automobiles only, no tractors, trailers or cabs; seconded by Peggy Cain. Motion carried with JoAnn Shock and Jane Wease abstaining.

Steve Satterfield inquired on the town property building again (reference obtaining city property for commercial use). He would like to address the Council if they are willing to listen to him. Council will talk with him next meeting and would like legal council present.

Mayor Knight stated to the council that any citizen in the Town of Grantsville can acquire a financial statement and copies of minutes from the administrative office. At no time may a citizen walk into the administrative offices and request to see records and be allowed to do this. This also included the Council. The Council (according to Knight) has the same rights as any other citizen when not in Council meeting regarding confidential records. If Council wishes to investigate any aspect of town offices it must be voted on and appoint a committee while in a council meeting. Then the appointed committee will do the investigation in a specified time frame and with prior notice given to the administrative personnel.

(Councilwoman) JoAnn Shock inquired on the progress on the handicap parking spaces. Charles McCroskey stated they were working on them, but lack manpower at this time.

(Councilwoman) JoAnn Shock questioned when the cold mix will be available. Bonnie Bird said the Department of Highways has been contacted and was told we would receive eight ton when the weather breaks and possibly more.

(Councilwoman) JoAnn Shock stated she had sold her house to Bob Groves and the storm drain still needs repaired. Mayor Knight has addressed this problem to Ralph Campbell, and he doesn't have time to fix it now. Charles (McCroskey) has also looked at it. When the weather breaks they will dig it up and fix it, including the wall.

(Councilwoman) Jane Wease stated the fire hydrant in front of the Dairyette is frozen. Dave Johnson said it needed replaced. It would cost $1200 for a new hydrant plus labor.

(Councilwoman) JoAnn Shock said Loretta Stevens has a water leak in her basement. The Water Department has looked for it, but can't find it. Dave Johnson said he will look into it again.

Present, Mayor Gary Knight; Recorder Shelia Gherke; Council members JoAnn Shock, Jerry Collins, Peggy Cain, Jane Wease and Margureitte Basnett. Others present, Bonnie Bird, Chief Charles McCroskey, Kenny Whytsell, Pam Davis, Eric Webb, Dave Johnson, Bob Groves and Patrick Starkey.

NOTE: Clarification comments in parenthesis, not part of minutes.


Mayor Gary Knight reported the Calhoun Board of Education was very receptive to the request of the Town of Grantsville to take over the old football field and utilize it for special functions. We (the town) would be responsible for the upkeep.

(Councilwoman) Jane Wease made the motion to hire Steve Husk as budget allows (to be employed as) part-time truck driver/police officer at minimum wage, effective immediately, seconded by (Councilwoman) Peggy Cain. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Knight discussed that Stanley Little was interested in traffic violations/ meter person. Payment to him will be above and over what meters make, he will get half. Not referring to illegal parking (and) would like to hire him effective January 1, (2002.)

(Councilwoman) Jane Wease made the motion to allow Mayor Knight to hire Stanley Little on terms discussed, when he feels the time is right; seconded by (Councilman) Jerry Collins.

A pay raise voted in the November meeting cannot be approved. Previous approval will effect next group of Council in 2003. Mayor Knight realized it had been 23 years since council persons has received a raise. He will see what can be done.

Pam Davis reported on a complaint from Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Inc., employee regarding a request made to move a vehicle blocking the dumpster. Issue to be discussed in executive session.

(Recorder) Shelia (Gherke) proposed to Council to close the Sanitation Department checking account, as the purpose for the account has been completed. Jerry Collins made the motion, seconded by JoAnn Shock to approve the recorders request. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilwoman Jane Wease asked if the Grantsville Manor trash pick-up scheduled had been changed. She commented it needed to be on a regular schedule.

Grantsville resident Joe Freeman requested a financial statement from the Town of Grantsville, and it was mailed.

Chief Charles McCroskey questioned a comp grant for police, Shock and Wease are looking into the matter.

Councilwoman JoAnn Shock requested clarification of parking in front of a fire hydrant. Mayor Knight and Charles McCroskey told her it was illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

JoAnn Shock discussed rental units should be paying separate service fees and trash fees, "Each unit should pay a separate fee." Jerry Collins made the motion to table the issue until the January meeting, seconded by Jane Wease. Motion passed unanimously.

Council went into executive session at 8:32 p.m. and out at 9:02 p.m.

Jerry Collins made a motion to employee Patrick Starkey full-time as general laborer without benefits, seconded by Peggy Cain. Motion passed unanimously.

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