By Alvin Engelke

The Creston auction will be held February 7, 2009, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building, weather permitting.

Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Donald R. "Buzz" Williams, age 61, of Big Root died in a Parkersburg rest home. He formerly operated " Bark & Splinter Timber Co."

Sandra Anita Arthur, age 57 passed away. Burial was in the Goodnight cemetery.

Audra Flesher, age 86, passed away. She & her late husband formerly ran the Western Auto Store in Elizabeth. She was a daughter of Rev. Hiram and Lucy Boggs Short.

Geraldine Swadley, age 93, passed away. She was a daughter of M. J. "Tell" Belt, a former Creston merchant who moved to Parkersburg and set up a trucking company and built rental houses, etc.

Harold Sturms caught a big bobcat whilst trapping.

Alvin Engelke was calling on James Edgar Fields who remembered when the Wysong family lived in Kettle (before they moved to the Brooksville area).

Creston continues to have mostly cold weather as do other sections of the country. Down in the vegetable crops section of Florida they recorded 20 F which would be ruin for most crops. It seems each day that the absolute fakery of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming and its agents in government, school systems, etc. is again demonstrated but, of course, the expensive "fixes" mean power for those who want "change" and to lord it over ordinary citizens.

The Big Eared one had $150 million spent on his inaugural which was over three times the sum that caused a great hue and cry of waste. This time the pressies, of course, dared not say that in hard times all this loot could have done some real good. President Ronald Reagan still holds the record for the largest inaugural crowd but this event set the record for the most trash at a Dee Cee event ever but, of course, it was all green trash and included the American flags that were passed out.

The wise ones have now told us that the "stimulus" still isn't big enough and those who have been able to look at the plan note that it will not fix anything and only, as obviously part of the plan, make matters worse but the stimulus will set up government programs that will assure a completely new type of country for those who want change. Already legislation has been introduced to allow the glib talker to be 'el presidente' for life. Part of the stimulus calls for the purchase of condoms as well as hundreds of millions to set up the National Health System (socialized medicine). The 'messiah' has also made it clear that he does not tolerate objection and takes personal insult at hard questions.

As part of "change" American taxpayers are again funding baby-killing world wide (while we are now nice to captured terrorists). Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood, the company that operates the largest number of abortion parlours, promoted "family planning " to rid the nation and the world of the unfit and "inferior races"

Some of the local boys who are drilling for Cabot up at Scranton Pennsylvania were commenting that it was 27 below out on location and Danny Harton noted that even with precautions, some equipment shut down. One fellow was glad to be back in sunny Calhoun, even for just a few days.

The price of local Penn grade crude rose to $40.25/bbl. It has been widely reported that many companies and some countries have leased oil tankers and land based tankage to hold oil until the price goes up.

XTO announced that they have permitted a vertical Marcellus shale well to 6100' on Mitchell Steven's land on Leafbank Run near Grantsville. Equitable and Chesapeake permitted 16 new horizontal wells over the state and Hall drilling permitted a series of "shallow" 8100' foot Marcellus wells in Doddridge County while Eastern American permitted a Huntersville Chert well in Webster County. Mother Hope is said to be planning a new well near White Pine.

The Farm Bureau & Forestry meeting with legislators will be held Thursday, January 29 in the evening at the Wood County 4-H Camp on Butcher Bend road.

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