By Janet Siers

A couple drove by here on Rt. 16 the other day picking up cans. The gentleman was driving a Polaris four wheeler and the lady was picking up cans. She had the right tool as not to have to bend over. Seems the had already collected a good amount I'm glad.

Gas went off here last Thursday evening. I have these old gas burners as a back up, but they weren't barely burning by morning. I had to wait until daylight before I could get to the register. This was the first time this winter. I have the problem when the weather warms up in winter. When it's cold it's good.

Gene Wallbrown pulled hay in for Blaine to feed the horses at the Richard Chenowith place on Nicut. Nice of you to help out Gene. Hope that you and Boots are well.

Maureen Hardman will be having her 90th birthday on January 25. She is computer savvy as well as drives. Recently she and her daughter, Mary Moore went to Charleston to get their license renewed. She reads the New York Times every morning on her computer. I think it's wonderful.

The farm pond that I caught my big mouth bass out of is frozen. You can walk out on it and jump up and down. Dogs couldn't get away when my friend chased after them. They just couldn't get traction. It was funny.

I've been starting to crow when I start from the house and the rooster crows before I get there. I suppose he's telling me they're there. The chickens were in the hog lot on the fence today when I fed. They have moved into the hog house for this bad weather.

Seems chickens know when the weather is going down. Animals are amazing to watch. I've been letting Delphia (Delphia Parson's cat) in the house. She lets me know when she wants out and comes to the dining room door and meows when she wants back in. She's a pretty thing but hits a sharp note when she meows.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

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