Businesses and residents of Grantsville have been advised by letter the town will crack-down on its parking rules and ordinances, or violators will be taken to municipal court.

A letter from Mayor Gary Knight and Police Chief Charles McCroskey:

P. O. Box 146
Grantsville, WV 26147
December 22, 2001

All Concerned Parties,
Grantsville, WV

To Whom It Concerns:

For the past 40+ years, the Town of Grantsville has maintained parking meters throughout its business district. During the recent past, regulation of assessed parking on the streets of Grantsville has been sporadic.

We are now taking steps to regularly monitor parking. We feel that this is in the best interest of the town, the businesses and their patrons as unregulated parking can be a source of excessive and contended parking time.

There has been some discussion and rumor regarding the legality of the town placing and monitoring parking meters on a state highway. Route 5 is the main street of Grantsville, so the contention became that the town may not legally assess fees and fines along that route.

Having conferred with the WV Department of Highways on this matter, we have learned that the meters are indeed legal and that the town's maintenance of meters, fees and fines are legal.

Beginning, January 2, 2002, the city police department of the Town of Grantsville will regularly and diligently enforce the parking meter and legal parking ordinances of the Town of Grantsville.

We hope that this step reestablishes the pattern of remittance for parking and the smooth, unobtrusive and non contended practice of utilizing the parking spaces appropriately, fairly and efficiently.

Our newly reestablished municipal court will allow the town to enforce its parking rules and ordinances.


Gary Knight, Mayor

Charles McCroskey, Chief of Police
Grantsville, WV

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