By Gary Buchanan

Myth: I need to change my address right away.

Fact: After you receive your new address notification from the postal service, your mail will continue to be delivered to your old address for a period of one year. Address changes are relatively easy: for example, Allegheny Power Co. bills have an address change section on the back with a check box for E-911 addresses. The E-911 checkboxes indicate an address conversion rather than a move.

Myth: I have to put one of those green and white signs on my mailbox.

Fact: The postal service only requires that you place your new number (peel and stick numbers, paint, permanent marker, etc.) on your box in a contrasting color (for example, white numbers on a black box) on the side that is visible as the carrier approaches. The numbers need to be at least one inch tall. If several mailboxes are grouped together, the number can be placed on the mailbox door.

Myth: I have to move my mailbox in front of my house.

Fact: E-911 addresses refer to the location of your residence. They have nothing to do with the location of your mailbox. Your mailbox does not have to move.

Myth: My address may change again.

Fact: The current project assigns permanent addresses based on 1000 addresses per mile. Unless you move (or move your home) your address will not change.

Myth: E-911 addressing has cost the county millions of dollars.

Fact: All monies for the current project come from 911 fees on phones. Not one dollar comes from the county budget. Including the previous effort and the current project, the cost has been less than $ 100,000.

If you have questions concerning the current project and you want the facts, please phone (304) 354-0911.

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