Gerald Dewayne Sampson, 30, of Grantsville to Patty Ann Wilson, 28, of Grantsville on November 4, 2001 by Rev. Rick Swearengin. He is the son of William and Helen Richards Sampson. She is the daughter of Cherrel D. and Laura Dines Wilson.

Harold B. Parker, 77, of Sand Ridge to Ruby Arbogast, 57, of Grantsville on November 6, 2001 by Rev. Harry Siers. He is the son of Edward Parker and Clara Lewpartus. She is the daughter of Sammy Daniels and Maggie Mae Williams.

Richard Jason Perkins, 24, of Chloe to Christine Renee Sampson, 21, of Chloe on October 20, 2001 by Elder Richard Westfall. He is the son Richard Gene Perkins, Jr. and Sharlene Lynn Cottrell. She is the daughter of Doyal Sampson and Debbie Greathouse.

Jack Allen Smith, 56, of Minnora and Sandra J. Lopez, 55, of Minnora on November 7, 2001 by Rev. Danny W. Richardson. He is the son of Ruby Paine of Canada. She is the daughter of Woodrow Bryant and Goldie Adams.

Stephen M. Buvoltz, 46, of Arnoldsburg and Patricia Rice, 46, of Arnoldsburg on November 22, 2001 by Rev. Willis E. Anderson. He is the son of Steven Buvoltz and Francis Roache. She is the daughter of Edwin Rice and Laurabelle Tracy.

Tommy Joe Maynard, 49, of Grantsville to Donna Ann Hill, 43, of Grantsville on November 23, 2001 by Rev. Kevin Church. He is the son of Wetzel T. Maynard and Ruby R. Justice. She is the daughter of Charles Wagner and Wilma Smith.

Allen Ray Lamb, 23, of Grantsville to Tracy Jo Greathouse, 25, of Grantsville on November 18, 2001 by Elder Mark C. Minney. He is the son of Roger Lamb and Linda McCumbers. She is the daughter of Kimberly Ann Greathouse.

Gary L. Nicholson, 33, of Grantsville to Stacy Lea Church, 24, of Grantsville on November 3, 2001 by Rev. Rick Swearengin. He is the son of Gary Simpson and Charlotte Nicholson. She is the daughter of Hatzel Hickman and Sherri Duskey.

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