By Alvin Engelke

Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Bobby Ray Starcher just got out of the hospital with congestive heart failure and will be unable to have the auction on Saturday, November 1. The auction will be rescheduled for November 8 beginning at 6 p.m.

Diversity would likely describe the crowd at the Creston Community Building Saturday evening. There were beautiful damsels, pirates and characters from the past, horrid monsters, ladies who practice the black arts and such and then there was one very scary 'fellow' with big ears who was wearing a diaper and a sign saying, "I need changed - I approve this message".

There were hayrides for those who didn't fear the awful things that might be hiding along the road and there were all sorts of goodies to eat.

Thieves have been busy in the local area and elsewhere. One fellow reported losing 2300' of 1 ½" tubing from a location. For sure that wasn't hauled off on a four-wheeler. The criminals then raided another well location, took a chain saw and gasoline and then knocked holes in the fuel containers.

One fellow who had his shop robbed went to a local salvage yard and found his copper (that was missing). The proprietor told him to vacate the premises so he did and called the law who determined who had sold the copper. However, they did not visit the residences of the burglars so the tools & bike were not recovered although the latter was found later after the tires were worn smooth. The victim said that he was told by the lawmen that they were very busy with domestic violence cases and didn't really have time to work on robbery cases.

Last Sunday night thieves broke into the tool shed and cabin at the Oil & Gas Museum Park at the location of the historic Rathbone well. They must have been scared off as the bolt cutters were found on the ground near the tool shed door and the lawn mower was down over the bank.

It was noted by members of the Creston Neighborhood Watch that there has been some suspicious activity locally that is being closely monitored.

Deer poachers have been busy and the ones they missed are to be found all around "providing sustenance for buzzards before they head south".

Jody Goff was calling on Euell & Charles Russell.

The old Kirby place at the mouth of Little Creek sold for $5,000 at the tax sale.

Anna Engelke & Adam Yates flew to Ecuador & Peru and visited Machu Picchu the famous Inca city high in the Andes. They also dined on alpaca and guinea pig.

Nancy & Jane Engelke attended the Miss West Virginia contest at Flatwoods. Nancy also underwent a root canal one day last week.

It was learned that the state has but little salt to use this winter and since it is $120/ton only a very lean blend will be used. It is understood that, after the election, there will be a big promo explaining how wonderful all this will be. Of course there is plenty of salt brine that can be obtained for free but the salt lobby put the whammy on that. Those who do not have chains or rough tread tires should get them now for after the first snow (which is scheduled soon) they will not be available. Some wonder how the school systems which now expect Florida type roads will be able to function with the new "system".

Rick Tucker is doing a nice job on the remodeling of the former C. Glen Arthur residence at the mouth of Little Creek.

The price of local Penn grade crude fell to $58/bbl and gasoline in the Parkersburg area fell to below $3.60/gallon. While the price of both natural gas and crude oil has fallen, leasing activity continues although the mantra is "It's all over, the big prices are gone, drilling is slashed, leasing is done." While some folks have laid off landmen others are hiring and local court house record rooms are anything but vacant and permits for CBM wells, horizontal wells and vertical wells continue at the same pace as before the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac financial crash.

Nisource and Chesapeake settled the $404 million fraud lawsuit in Roane County for $380 million after appealing it to the U. S. Supreme Court. It was understood that one or both of the companies were having problems with their credit on account of the judgment against them although Nisource had set up an $800 million escrow account to cover the estimated costs of the suit. One of the plaintiffs was fearful that Chesapeake would declare bankruptcy to avoid paying. It is understood that the counties that were defrauded on taxes will now start actions to recover, with interest, taxes that were not paid. It remains to be seen if the state will move to recover the severance and income taxes that are due as the Big Boss had taken up for the poor out of state company that "took it on the chin" in Roane County Circuit Court. The final order was said to have been entered at a hearing in Grantsville.

Local residents, like folks elsewhere, wonder how to deal with the financial mess. Those who feel that if the Messiah is elected there will be massive government takeovers and much of the panic selling is to get money that cannot be seized for socialism. Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist and avowed Marxist who shared an office with the fellow who talks about change for at least 3 years, talked about "reeducation camps" for those who needed such and, perhaps, elimination of the unrepentant. In Russia (formerly called USSR) those camps were called the Gulag and Adolph, who rose to power in much the same way, calling for change, operated concentration camps. The Chinese have restricted what is on their internet and "the fairness doctrine" will eliminate any broadcast programs that do not "meet standards". It was interesting to note that the Ohio AG refused to deal with the ACORN voter fraud but quickly checked (albeit illegally) on Joe the Plumber after he tripped up the anointed one and caused him to spout Marxist dogma.

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