By Alvin Engelke

Warm weather continues to be the norm in the Creston area. Grass is growing and more rain is helping make up for the prolonged dry spell.

Euell Russell is home after making a sojourn at the MHHCC for pneumonia fever. He had become ill on a senior citizens trip to the Festival of Lights at Wheeling. Euell reported excellent care at the facility.

Several area residents went on the tour up at Wheeling of the lights, Oglebay Park, etc. They included Bessie Belcher, Juanita Greathouse, Rosalie White, Joan Auvil, Mrs. Tinky Hendrickson and Euell Russell.

Rev. Bob Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M.E. Church and held Holy Communion.

Nancy June Hall is home after a stay in a Parkersburg hospital. She was low on blood.

Janet Jett was calling on Donna Sue Ferrell.

Some local residents were quite surprised to find out that the WVU medical school has opened up a division to teach New Age religion as part of the medical curriculum. Of course politicians on the national scene are active in New Age.

It was learned that the Old Furniture Salesman, a prominent Mt. Zion resident, killed a trophy buck with an extremely long shot of 453 yards. It was said that a Special Ops recruiter was spotted near a house with a boat on the ridge. The amazing aspect of the report is that the deer was killed with a slug from a 410. With a sniper rifle no scummy terrorist would be safe.

The ripples from the Enron bankruptcy continue to impact locally. Ardent Resources indicated that two of their proposed deep locations will not be drilled. It was learned that Enron had put in for the "up front money" and now they cannot cover. Allegheny Power said their exposure to Enron was "less than $5 million" while American Electric Power said their exposure was "about $50 million" and they are among the small creditors. Local producers who sold their natural gas through Enron have not been advised yet who received the money they were owed.

It was reported that Neal Rudder, who formerly operated as Ramco, is going to have a deep well drilled in Roane County. It was reported that Martin Twist came by a bunch of new money and is now "back in the game." He had a big party for his investors in Louisville on December 8. He had been stocking out Devonian shale wells at half a million each. Several other players are trying to "get in the game" but it was learned that on the deep stuff the "big boys" - Rockefeller companies, etc. must have gotten together and "cut up the pie." On questioning they admit, "Oh yes, we have an interest in that one, etc." It was learned locally that Mohammed Atta had an earlier round in the "blow 'em up business." Seems back in 1986 he blew up a bus in Israel and the Jews locked him up. Then in 1993 the then U.S. President wanted the Nobel Peace prize so he and Warren Christopher insisted that Mr. Atta be turned loose because he was a "political prisoner." Apparently the detaining of the 600 or so aliens stopped the planned attack on Washington right after September 11.

Rev. S.E. Cooper went on an extended journey on his riding lawn mower the other day.

Alley Oop Westfall celebrated his 13th Birthday the other day.

Some local residents were called for jury duty down at Elizabeth. Being on the jury is part of what one must do to help maintain freedom in our nation.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its regular meeting, Tuesday, December 18, starting at 7 p.m. at the road garage in Elizabeth.

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