As the government is trying to bail out Wall Street on the backs of the American people, Anne Barth, Democrat candidate for congress, has challenged Shelley Moore Capito's overwhelming support by large Wall Street brokerage firms, mortgage companies, and sub-prime lenders.

"There is no way that Shelley Moore Capito can turn the corner 30 days before the election and jump from Wall Street to cast her lot with Main Street after eight years of being led around Washington by Wall Street insiders," said Talley Sergent, spokesperson for the Anne Barth campaign.

"Mrs. Capito supports the Wall Street firms that have given her hundreds of thousands of dollars these past eight years," said Talley.

Barth says Capito has served on the House Committee on Financial Services for nearly eight years. "It is her committee's responsibility to protect taxpayers from unscrupulous and greedy financiers on Wall Street," said Barth.

"In fact, while this financial crisis was brewing, Mrs. Capito was taking large campaign donations from the same people she was supposed to be regulating. Companies like Fannie Mae, Countrywide Financial, Washington Mutual and CitiGroup," Barth said.

"Now, she is trying to distance herself from the Bush bunch," she said. "People in West Virginia will not be fooled."

The Barth campaign issued a list of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Capito from Wall Street firms since 2000.

The list includes the top 10 contributors and the total amount of campaign cash.(Source: Federal Election Commission, www.fec.gov):

1.. JP Morgan Chase PAC, $34,072
2. Bank of America Corporation PAC, $29,500
3. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. PAC, $25,500
4. Price Water House Coopers PAC, $23,500
5. CitiGroup Inc. PAC, $18,500
6. Morgan Stanley PAC, $18,500
7. Securities Industry and Financial Markets PAC
$15,000 8. Washington Mutual PAC, $14,000
9. Capital One Financial PAC, $12,750
10. UBS Americas Fund, $12,000

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