By Janet Siers

I am thankful for all this good weather we've been having here even though the hurricanes have been ravaging the south. I lived there for over twenty years and never felt a threat, however I believe I would leave at this time.

Visited with friends in Clay County which is not very far from home. Walked in the woods and found there is an abundance of pawpaws of which I've never seen the like and hickory nuts. Makes me think that it might be a bad winter. Maybe we should stock up. While I was there went fishing in a pond and caught a nice little bass. Turned it back. I hadn't caught a fish in a long time. While I was there I heard a coyote howling for the first time. It reminded me of Thor, Heather's dog who is part wolf. Was able to shoot a 22 rifle and 22 pistol at targets. We did pretty good. It was a pleasant time and I'm thankful.

My rooster and his new mate are together even though she doesn't come to the pine trees out back to roost with him. Guess they'll figure it out, or maybe not.

Heather and the girls were here, Ben was on route for a pick up on I-79 and was able to visit for about 4 hours before picking up another load in Flatwoods. He had to go all to way to White Oak to turn his rig around to get back this way. Always good to have their family for a visit. I loved having that big red truck here and he always blows the horn.

Blaine King stops by and brings the cats a special treat every once in awhile. He's always helping people around this part of the woods. I visited with Buddy Watkins and he had barbecued a ground hog that was quite tasty.

Hope you all are well and have a wonderful week!

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