Kathleen H. Taylor

Welcome back to Beason.

I attended the viewing of John Arthur last Thursday evening. John was the son of Sheila Rader-Jones and Greg Arthur. He was also the husband of Misti Arthur and the step-dad to Ariel and Schuylar. I have known Sheila and John for a very long time. John's death just broke my heart. I can't imagine what heartbreak his mom and his wife are going through.

I miss my boys when they just spend the night away from home. I couldn't bear the thought of them never coming back. While facts leading to John's death have not been announced, I have heard that it was caused by some heartless, spineless individual or individuals. If that be the case, I hope that person/persons pay dearly for their actions. I must make it very clear, I am not a witness, expert or involved in any way. That's just the information that I have been given by various people. I am, however, disappointed that there was no coverage of this tragedy by our local papers. We read about every speeding ticket, sporting event or contest winner, but nothing about a type of event that could occur in any our lives.

The Ritchie Rebels lost their game against the St. Mary's Blue Devils. I hope that our Rebels keep their chins up and know we are proud of them whether they win or lose. The Rebels play Calhoun County this Friday night. Good luck to both teams.

I am attempting to cook a turkey dinner tonight. I am defrosting while writing this awesome piece of journalism. I don't think there is anything much grosser than sticking your hand up a wet turkey's butt. It's like one of those gags at a haunted house. In this case, it is the real thing not a cheap imitation. I like to cook, but, something about a turkey's butt just puts me right out of the cooking mood.

Avery has already been in trouble at school. This is not a good beginning to the school year. Avery and I had a little discussion about the incident and he tried to insist that it was someone else's fault. I thought he could rethink his defense a little better in the corner. Do the crime, do the time. I feel this may be a phrase that will be used often in our house.

Beason Boy's head back to school

Ethan loves the middle school thing. He favors science and music. The science teacher said they would be studying the aspects of fire next week. I am thinking Ethan and fire are not a good pairing. I sincerely hope that the fire department will be on stand-by that week. The only thing I can say to the teacher is my standard, "good luck with that." I am totally stoked Ethan likes music class. I was a trumpet player in my high school band. I didn't say I was good at it, just said that I played in the band.

Ethan said he might be interested in playing the drums. I mentioned that brass and woodwinds were good choices too. He said he couldn't play those instruments and I asked him why not. He replied, "Remember how I play the recorder?" I tried really hard not to laugh. I then said I thought the drums were an excellent choice.

I have tickets to see Skynryd on September 20th in Pittsburgh. I had purchased four and the fourth individual has bailed in order to be in a fishing tournament. Fishing? More important than Skynryd? Dude, get your priorities straight! So, I am left with one extra ticket. If you would like to be considered for the lucky extra ticket holder position, please inquire within. Gold, diamonds and free babysitting could most definitely influence my final decision.

According to insiders, Junior Taylor had sprung a leak in the arm that had recently been operated on. I told him he should cut down on his autograph signing and give that arm a rest. I understand that he doesn't want to let his fans down. I just hate it when I have to turn down an autograph except for when it's on a check being used to pay a bill.

I have a movie review this week instead of song choice. I highly recommend the flick, "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith. Go out and buy it, rent it or borrow it. I think it makes one realize there is hope when it is believed that all is lost. Go get it.

Peace and happiness for the upcoming week.

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