By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction starting Saturday, December 1 at 6 p.m. at the Creston Community Building. There will be all sorts of goodies, cheese, pepperoni (Glenna Jean got most of it the last time), Christmas gifts, tools, grab bags, 50/50 and just good fun. Come visit with friends and pick up some bargains. Proceeds to help maintain the community building.

Rev. Bob Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. As a result of laser gall bladder surgery he reported being just a little sore. His sister Ruth is contemplating heart surgery.

S. R. Lynch, 94, bagged a nice ten point buck from his yard which more or less describes how the deer harvest has gone locally. Holbert's Store reported that a record should be set. The buzzards headed off south before they got so fat they would be unable to fly and would have to waddle, so the highway crew has been busy hauling away the road kill. Apparently the road kill cafe had plenty too.

Jane, Anna and Nancy Engelke spent the weekend at Flatwoods where Jane was a contestant in the Miss WV USA Contest. She placed as a semi-finalist.

Alley Oop is in love with "Punkin" and proposed marriage to her.

Those visiting Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell included Junior Ferrell, Jeff, Jeannie, Allen and Austin Westfall, Bub, Kristie, Levi and Lucas Ferrell, Ed, Geneva and Aleishia Hayes, "Punkin," Doreen Sidwell (Plummer), Melissa Ferrell, Jeremy and Andrea Ferrell, Jimmy Bell, Alvie Ferrell and Tommy Ohse.

Darrell Hacker was attending to business in Brooksville. It was reported that a ring-necked pheasant was hit by a car in downtown Brooksville.

Prices for local oil and gas remain low but deep leasing and drilling continues unabated with some shift of emphasis to Gilmer County. Ardent's rig on Bull River is still running and the Cabot well on Road Fork still remains a mystery. Fairman has permitted a deep hole on trace near the Calhoun County line just 3000' from a proposed Cabot location near the county line near Nobe.

Local residents have been following the war effort and applaud Sec. Rumsfeld for using plain language ("We want them killed.") and calling down the PC operatives in the Pentagon who still put pagan religious information on Pentagon web sites and object to "derisive comments" written on bombs that area dropped on the enemy. Some of those schooled during the last 8 years only wanted to bomb empty buildings, vacant camps, etc. It is clear now that the new team in Washington intends to win the war, not go through the motions as was done in Somalia when American troops were humiliated in public a few years back. Would be savages and brigades should take notice.

There were 50 folks at the big Ferrell Thanksgiving gathering at the Creston Community Building the other day. Family and friends came and had a great time, eating, visiting, swapping stories, eating, etc.

Former Creston resident, Jack DePue (Cam's son) made the fanny Seiler column again. Fanny noted that Jack painted a large U.S. Flag on a trailer at the 126 mile marker on I-79.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rhodes and daughters were calling in the Creston area Thanksgiving day.

Wayne wager was hauling water the day before it rained. The ground is very, very dry but the weekend did bring some wonderful rain as well as unseasonable temperatures. The new game warden was calling in the Creston area. So far he has received high marks.

There were several camping out at the former site of the Rose hill church at the head of beaver Dam in the cemetery lot.

Quell Russell was calling on Mr. and mrs. Don Rhodes.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary anderson have been working on getting natural gas to their trailer down along Route 5.

Rod Lynch has been visiting with S.R. Lynch. Lots of folks from distant points have been visiting home folks for Thanksgiving and deer season.

JP, RP, "Crazy Cooter", and Carl Marks have been busy deer hunting this week. The young'uns have each bagged a deer (RP's first).

Cap'n and Mrs. Spock were among those calling on Mr. & Mrs. C. Romeo Griffin, Jr., Kayla, Dalton, and Granny in the Owl Hill sector. Little Dalton is up walking all over the place these days. Kayla was among those calling on her Aunt Adith of Deevers' Fork.

Timmy Barker and Timmy Hayes were among those calling on Cap'n Spock at the Burning Springs Spacedock recently.

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