By Alvin Engelke

C. Glen Arthur, age 74, passed away after a long battle with a number of illnesses. The son of the late Okey & Mabel Mowrey Arthur, he was a former longtime employee of the Ravens factory in Elizabeth. Burial was in the Cooper graveyard on the Stutler road.

Dorothy Cline, age 62, daughter of the late Gurvis Sidwell passed away. She was a sister of Dorine Parson, Marvin "Jiggs" Sidwell, Bob Sidwell and Goldie Elkin.

"Stymie" Plummer was visiting Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell & family as well as his uncle Jiggs. He also called on his sister.

The Creston area neighborhood watch held a meeting & cookout at the Denver McFarland residence out on the old Millard Fillmore Simmons farm. The meeting was very brief and there were lots of good eats.

The local area is sporting a number of the big purple traps used to catch emerald ash borers. The imported pest has killed large numbers of the valuable ash trees that are used for handles, among other things.

After the floods and soaked hay, haymaking has resumed and thunderstorms are patchy. On the farm front there is lots of bad news from the Midwest were large amounts of corn and other crops have been destroyed by the record flooding. Corn which had been fetching $4/bu rose to $7/bushel with talk of $10 corn. Of course a large part of the corn must go to the government mandated ethanol for motor fuel.

Of course much of the flooding was the result of the activities of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers who have, for decades, been filling wetlands along the streams & then coming along and building levees, dams and such. Beware the fellow who comes along and says, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

Wirt magistrate David Roberts gave an old political card to a local resident. The card solicited support of I. S. Wright, candidate for Wirt County Assessor. Isaiah "Ike" Wright lived where Sam & Deemie Cooper resided, he being the one who sold out to Sam when the Wrights moved to Wood County some nine decades ago or so. Old timers always told about when his wife, Florence, once sipped an excess of Persimmon Nectar & ended up in the Richardsonville road not realizing that she was without raiment.

Local residents are looking forward to the Folk Festival in Glenville and the state Republican convention at Flatwoods.

Local residents were shocked when the U. S. Supremes gave Osama's terrorists who had been rounded up on the battlefield & in the world's snakepits, rights to America's judicial system. Do those lily livered liberals think that the Islamofascists won't kill them because they "were nice to them?" The easy way to deal with this new revolting development on the battle field is to take no prisoners. It is amazing that so many in power want America to lose the war on terror to those who have vowed to kill us all. Obama whose former friends wanted to destroy Israel now says he is a friend of Israel. His cousin who lives in the jungles of Kenya says he supports Osama bin Laden and the cousin has made big bucks trading with certain Saudis and the dictator of Libya. Then another of Obama's half brothers said that the articulate fellow was always a Moslem. Obammy did say once that he became a Christian when he joined up with Rev. Wright the fellow who used God's name in vain in a curse against America.

Travelers between Creston & Elizabeth are well aware of the water line work. The other day the gas company folks were getting in some overtime after the clever water line boys struck natural gas in Burning Springs. The stop lights that the company use are set for five minutes so a trip to town now can take an extra ten minutes or so.

Some of the political commentators have made statements that those who criticize politicians have a special ring in hell reserved for them (read Dante if this lacks meaning). Likely it would be well to reread Animal Farm, 1984, and, perhaps, Mein Kampf. No doubt many will be surprised at "the change" that some have in mind.

One fellow said it was good that B. Hussein attended the Bilderberger meeting as he could hear what the world's "great thinkers" were saying. Of course Kissinger is the one who put the current butcher of Zimbabwe in power. It is likely that the presidential wannabe was told what he would do if he got the international moneymen's support. Of course, he is for the "poor & downtrodden" and lives in a $1 million house arranged by a gangster, now a convicted felon, who is a citizen of Syria, a country considered a fomenter of terror world wide.

The D-3 bridge crew finished up repairs to the deck of the LKR bridge in Creston.

While the price of crude oil in the news rose to over $139/bbl the local price rose to $129/bbl while the windbags in Washington continue to bloviate and threaten revenge over the price of gasoline. They are the same ones who held up drilling off the coasts, in Alaska, etc. and protect those in hedge funds (young Miss Clinton works for one), international swindlers (such as Mark Rich who purchased a pardon) who have run up the oil prices on speculation.

It was learned that there is a 3-D seismic project related to deep drilling going on over at Kenna. This time Americans, rather than Mexicans are doing the work which is said to be for Cabot.

It was reported that Chesapeake drilled in a horizontal well in the Marcellus shale in Wetzel county that is making 9 million cubic feet of gas/day or about $135,000/day. It was also reported that an outfit has an offer to pay $1,000/acre lease bonus for leases statewide but, at this time, details are sketchy.

Since the would be bar bouncer that presently passes off as a university president said we should stop talking about the bogus degree that he gave to his buddy the governor's daughter, it seems only a civic duty to keep the topic on the front burner until some are convicted and sent to some "other facility for advanced education."

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