By Alvin Engelke

The annual madness known as the firearms deer season is upon the local area again. While the DNR's "speed beef" have devoured gardens, crops, fruit and nuts and have made all sorts of work for auto body specialists, it is now time to watch out for the "city slickers" and "folks from the south" who come to hunt the 30 point bucks, etc. There was a lot of "sighting in guns" on Sunday and campers were thick in some areas as hunters "roughed it" out here in the hinterlands.

It should be noted that venison is fine food for those who must keep track of lipid intakes and it is tasty food that can easily be kept in Mason jars (after being properly canned) that keeps without benefit of electricity.

Anna Engelke and Fritzie were visiting the home folks over the weekend. Anna went to see Harry Potter with Keith and Kathy Collins.

Carl Kelley Paving put down some black top on the road going down Boggs and Bingman settlement on Thursday. There was some discussion about the quality of the work.

Huge loads of logs continue to be hauled over local roads quickly demolishing whatever repairs are done to the highways. Some down at the Mouth of the Elk want to raise the weight limit to 140,00 pounds. As a point of reference the interstates were built for 80,000 pounds and the main roads (14, 16, 5, 33/119) in this area were built for a maximum load of 30,000 pounds. With the announced reduction in spending on highways, it is not difficult to visualize what will happen to many area roadways.

The chaos related to the War started by Osama & Associates continues to have far reaching impact. Now, the price of crude has fallen. As of Saturday the price of local crude was $14.25/bbl while the wholesale price of natural gas was $2.30/MCF. One MCF used locally cost just $16.51.

Russ Richardson, well known timber consultant and promoter of valuable woods and root crops, attended to business in Creston and Burning Springs over the weekend. He noted that when folks want to do damage to woodland it certainly does not hurt, when calculating damages, if the area was planted to ginseng since one year old plants are worth one dollar each.

Nancy Engelke, Carol Menefee and Susan Smith took in a play in Parkersburg.

Area residents are having trouble with their internet providers.

While the gas and oil markets are in a major state of flux, work on deep wells continues unabated. Ardent has, obviously after modifying their permit, made arrangements to drill off in another direction looking for the fault. A substantial amount of effort has been put into fixing their location so well and all does not slide into Bull River and WV Route 5.

It is learned that Columbia still has a rig on their well in Braxton County that was earlier reported as "dry." Columbia is also working on the well they drilled at Medina in Jackson County and more locations are being prepared in Roane County.

As a result of the unseasonably warm weather one local resident was able to bale some hay Friday. It smelled like fine feed and it was said "it certainly will beat the snowballs."

The meteor shower Sunday morning was spectacular. A while back the northern lights (aurora borealis) provided a spectacular evening show.

George Easton was attending to business in Creston. Jane Engelke will be a contestant in the Miss W.Va. USA Pageant to be held at the Day's Inn at Flatwoods on November 23-25. Swimsuit competition is Friday at 8 p.m., the preliminary show is Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and the final show is Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. For ticket information, call 724-785-4648. Jane would, of course, appreciate a cheering section.

Ryan Marks recently received a "Shining Star" Award at the Wirt County Board of Education meeting, presented by Kathy Collins. Ryan was recognized for steadfastly devoting his free time to help out around the cafeteria and the school building in general. Ryan has also been selected as November's Student of the Month at the Middle School.

Cooter and Sis Marks and boys JP, RP and AC, Josemite Sam Dawson & Cap'n and Mrs. Spock were among those calling on Mr. and Mrs. C. Romeo Griffin, Jr., Kayla, Dalton and Granny. Kayla was among those calling on her Aunt Adith of Deever's Fork.

Ruby Skidmore and daughter Shelia of Weston, and Debbie and JB Griffin were among those calling on Aunt Verda and Uncle Pete this week.

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