By Alvin Engelke

Dry fall weather continues to be the norm in the Creston area with a high danger of forest fire. The other day folks were looking all around for the source of smoke that was, at times, heavy in Creston. Eventually it was learned that there was a fire on Spring Creek in Roane County. Although outdoor fires of any type are banned during the fire emergency, many continue to burn trash and have some campfires. The area badly needs rain.

Hunters report doing well, and elsewhere in the state federal agents and their state lackeys are taking stream samples looking for pollution while streams are so low that they, in some instances, do not flow.

Some of the Gast family was camping out on the site of the former Rose Hill Church at the head of Beaver Dam.

The Banker Lady and the Oil Man were attending to feline business in Creston one day last week.

Charles Russell was consulting with his podiatrist in Parkersburg. He also attended to some other business in South Parkersburg while there. Enron Corp. one of the local natural gas buyers and one of the largest energy brokers in the world is being merged into Dynegy Corp. after falling on hard times. Dynegy and one of its key stockholders Chevron/Texaco plan to infuse $2.5 billion to set things straight. One of Enron's top executives was on the plane in Croatia when Ron Brown, who scheduled to sing, was rubbed out.

While local wholesale gas prices went below $2/MCF, deep and shallow well drilling leasing continues strong and agents are still busy trying to buy pipe line right-of-way in Calhoun County. A new deep well location is being built in Roane County and Martin Twist, now operating under the name of Cherokee Industries of Jeffersonville, Indiana is contemplating a Clinton well located 50 feet from the Haines well in Jackson County.

A former local resident is currently residing in Mr. Canterbury's hotel at Flatwoods. Listings, complete with pictures are available at www.wvrja.com.

Euell Russell returned from a journey to Ohio Amish country in time to attend the WV Farm Bureau annual meeting at Flatwoods. One of the highlights of the meeting was honoring Ila Grey Snider, the 50 year secretary of the Calhoun County Farm Bureau. The general consensus was that it was the best annual meeting in some time. The young farmer discussion meeting was the best heard in a long, long time.

Local residents learned that if one farms in Maryland and plans to apply manure or fertilizer one must first attend "nutrient school" (some might have other names for such) and keep records of the amounts applied. If the test results get too high, especially for phosphorus, then things must be done differently. Records must be kept for the benefit of the government employees. It should be noted that phosphorus is key in retarding plant growth in oligotrophic lakes (which do not occur in farm sections of W.Va., Maryland and other states).

The price of apples is now set by the People's Republic of China as they now control the world market in apples and apple products and the price of lamb has fallen because of mergers by some of the prominent FOBS (Friends of Bill). No doubt he (and Hill) feel the pain of those adversely impacted. Bill also said the bombing of the World Trade Center was because of slavery in the last century, in spite of the fact that many Arabs in Africa still own Christian slaves and Hill said the attack was the result of the tax cut.

Fritz Meister Katz consulted with Dr. Cain and relocated to Marion County to keep company with Anna Engelke.

Ricky Tucker moved into the former C. Glen Arthur residence near the mouth of Little Creek.

The folks that had Alan Gable Oil Development Corp., Colorado Empire Oil and Gas, etc. are said to be back from their "vacation" and are back in business. Apparently they made contact with their associates who stayed "outside" and are up to speed on current trends.

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