The first school newspaper at the Grantsville Grade School was published in 1936 by 7th and 8th grade students. Here are some highlights of the mimeographed publication.

NEW TEACHERS - The graded school started with three new teachers. They are Miss Janice Morgan, Mr. Kenneth Hall and Miss Eva Law. Assigned teachers for the year:

lst Grade - Miss Eva Law and Mrs. Thelma Stump

2nd Grade - Miss Virginia Hathaway

3rd Grade - Mrs. Ota Mae Marshall and Miss Myrtle Jarvis

4th Grade - Liona Cox (Riddle)

5th Grade - Miss Janice Morgan and Mrs. Ruth Witte

6th Grade - Miss Blenda Lena Proudfoot

7th Grade - Mr. Kenneth Hall

8th Grade - Mr. Paul Powell

Principal - Mr. Frank Ferrell (also teaches arithmatic)

Music - Mr. Robert Douthat, Mr. Ronzel Francis, Miss Bernice Morris

ENROLLMENT 334 -School enrollment was down 15 from last year to 334.

TEXT BOOKS CHANGE - This year every grade in school has new reading and history books. The upper grades have new english, science and civics books.

INTERESTING SIGHTS DURING VACATION - In August (1936) Arden McCoy visited the Great Lakes Exposition in Cleveland, Ohio. Gale Hathaway also visited the exposition.

PUPILS VISIT OCEAN - Walter Smith, Eleanor Stump and Jesse Stump spend eleven days at Virginia Beach, Natural Bridge, Kill Devil Hills and Endless Caverns.

JUNIOR CHOIR ORGANIZED - Miss Morris and Mr. Francis organized the Jr. Choir. The choir plans to make many appearances this year.

MY VISIT TO THE MUSEUM (By Mary Lee Burns) I had the opportunity of visiting the Washington Museum. One of the most interesting displays was of the World War (WWI)....Three days would not give enough time to see all the sights.

OHIO RIVER FESTIVAL (Ravenswood) The CHS Band was featured in the parade. Grantsville Grade was represented by Gail Connolly and Mary Lee Burns.

SCHOOL PATROL ORGANIZED - Mr. Ferrell selected the patrolmen by those who made the highest grades in their class. They have made some new rules this year and pupils should try and obey them.

Captain - David Lutz

Lieutenant - John Paul Leggett

Members - Von Yoak, Leon Yoak and Junior Waldo

TEACHERS TAKE TOUR - Miss Cox and Miss Hathaway spent the summer in a traveling college, including Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Chicago., etc. They saw and shook hands with the Indian that played the part of Sitting Bull in "Annie Oakley" which is now playing at the Kanawha Theatre.

PTA MEETING - A PTA meeting will be held Tuesday, led by President Gladys Stump.

PIONEER FAMILY PATRON FOR 40 YEARS - The school year 1936 is the first year in 40 that a person by the name of Hamilton has not been enrolled. Last year Victor Hamilton graduated.

- The stone cut school building, long abandoned, still reposes on High Street in Grantsville..

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