By Alvin Engelke

The Creston auction will be held Saturday, May 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Bobby Ray Starcher will have all kinds of goodies and those who have been out chasing the wily gobblers can tell about how long the beards & spurs were on all that were harvested.

The Creston Community business meeting will be on Tuesday, May 6 at 7 P. M. at the building. Everyone is invited.

Tim McCartney from the Gideon society gave a message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. Also present was Rev. Carlos Nutter. Next week will b e Holy Communion.

The Creston postal "cluster boxes" broke and it was several days before a repairman could come from Clarksburg. One might say this is the "improved" service that the community is getting from the postal bosses in Clarksburg & Beckley. It won't be long now before the next postal rate increase.

The Creston Area Neighborhood Watch held a litter pickup on April 26. Those helping included Ellen Hedge, Tammy & Denver McFarland, Amy N. Donna Sue & Carl Ferrell, Jim Tedrick and Alvin Engelke. Jerry Poling was to help but he acquired a Mexican type malady and was restricted to the vicinity of the throne room. After the pickup there was a fine meal at the Poling residence, compliments of Linda and her helpers.

Several interesting objects were found including a receipt for trash service and a speeding ticket given to a resident of Palestine.

Amy Ferrell has accepted employment at PWP plastics in Mineral Wells.

Local residents have been concerned about the deaths resulting from using contaminated medicines coming from the Peoples Republic of China. It is certainly poor when the most advanced nation on the globe has to import medicines from a third world country. Back when Hill & Bill were in the first time new draconian rules were passed that severely restricted the actions of American drug companies including liability concerns that caused closure of many facilities. That is why flu vaccines can no longer be made in America.

Tent caterpillars are busy munching on wild cherry and other fruit trees and milkweed is coming up to make tasty greens. Larkspur & wild geraniums are blooming and turkey season started on Monday.

A while back WVU was rated as the nation's #1 party school but now the school has a new "claim to fame" or perhaps shame. It seems the governor's daughter needed an MBA degree for her job at daddy's friend's business and the political hack who was put in as university president delivered. Then some nasty newspaper in Pittsburgh started asking questions. Apparently this is what "Open for business" really means. There have been calls for "heads to roll". It would seem that the responsible one currently resides in a mansion filled with taxpayer funded huge flat screen tee vees at the Mouth of the Elk.

P. E. Graham was attending to business in Glenville one day last week.

Nancy Engelke is attending a Farm Bureau women's convention in Louisville. She went with Mrs. Ralph Blair, Mrs. Woody Ireland, Norma Pursley and Marge Marshall.

The High Sheriff & his wife were in Creston putting up political signs.

In spite of the work of the neighborhood watch there have been some "borrowings" including a four-wheeler. There has also been some vandalism including, but not limited to loosening or removing lug nuts. The culprits had best hope that the outcome is only the facility in Doddridge County or the Mount Hope "residence" for the local treatment will be far worse as others can attest.

Charles Russell noted that Don Rhodes has been having trouble with the tenant in his rental trailer.

The price of local Penn grade crude rose $2.50/bbl to $112.25/bbl. Ergon announced that for loads of 156 bbl or more there would be a $2/bbl premium paid starting April 1.

Marathon announced that they are acquiring leases in West Virginia and do not intend to hold them forever as is obviously the plan of at least one major player on the state lease scene.

While lease bonuses in Pennsylvania have gone up to $3,000/acre, West Virginia, as usual, is way behind. However, Ranger paid $250/acre lease bonus for acreage in Preston County.

Dominion (Mother Hope) announced that they had problems with the Klipstine station on Yellow Creek and that there might be problems selling gas for the next two months.

Fred Bish is scheduled for surgery on April 30. A number of local residents have been consulting with their physicians.

Margaret Lynch is now doing better after having problems with her sugar level.

One local couple went up to Bulltown to go camping only to find that the campground had not yet opened. Next time they said they would call first.

Several folks were enjoying the beautiful weekend by four wheeling on local roads. Some have been picking the tasty morel mushrooms as well.

Debbie Griffin, Cap'n Spock, and Larry the Cable Guy were among those calling on Aunt Verda at her Millstone residence.

The "global warming" zealots continue to have problems. It seems that Alaska has had record snowfall and the cameras on Mt. St. Helens in Oregon are now covered with snow. The conversion of corn and Soya beans to motor fuel has caused commotion on the food scene, especially in third world countries. Of course it takes at least a gallon of gasoline to make a gallon of ethanol (corn likker) and the "its good for the environment" mantra is wearing rather thin. It has also been noted that the carbon credits scam practiced by the "concerned" who fly about in private jets is the moral equivalent of the indulgences sold toward the end of the dark ages in Europe.

Sen. McVain has lectured Republicans on what he wants them to say (fat chance) while the Obamanation has told folks that those who ask him tough questions, such as about his association with terrorists & avowed Marxists, will be called racists while Her Thighness started to wear jewelry with a religious theme. Then, Mrs. "Pelosey" quoted scripture that cannot be found. For solace one can read Daniel, especially perhaps Chapters 5 and 9.

The political folks continue to weep, wail and gnash teeth about the economy but help wanted signs can be found all over and help wanted ads in southern W. Va. call for coal miners with high wages and benefit packages while locally oil companies look for workers. With the talk now about "food shortages" it seems that very few gardens are being planted. Cutting off food stamps and SSI to the able bodied might really revitalize the economy as some would then have to work (and of course there would be no real need for Mexican and other illegal alien laborers.)

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