By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area had unseasonably warm weather for the weekend. Some utilized the time to attend to chores that should have been done earlier in the season.

A handsome man came down from Ohio to visit, so Gloria Norman and Dorothy Lynch took him shopping in Parkersburg and then took him out to eat at Ryan's in Marietta. The lucky guest noted he was real proud of the "red carpet" treatment he had been receiving.

Harold Gibson, formerly of Chestnut Run, passed away up in Ohio after a bout with cancer. He was the son of the late Luke A. and Katie Gibson, who, at one time were Creston Merchants.

Daniel Cooper, 18, of Annamoriah had a close escape with his chariot on Rowel's Run the other evening. Chuckie Poo, it was learned is the head one on the "chain gang" over in Ritchie County. One observer noted that, it seemed to him, that the chain was pulled to the home team advantage, rather than benefit visitors. Chuckie Poo, when asked, seemed vague.

J. P., R. P., and A. C. Marks were among those calling on J. B. and Debbie Griffin recently. The boys were also calling on Dick deWitt of Burning Springs.

Work is progressing at the park in Burning Springs. The restored "one lung" engine for the old Rathbone Well was delivered and work should start soon on the Sampson post, walking beam, engine house, etc.

As concerns new wells, the frac job on Harry Clay Boggs well at the head of Shaver was said to have gone well and Ardent Drilled in on Bull River near Grantsville, although they had hoped for a bigger well. Cabot and Co. switched over to mud when their geologist discovered they were possibly within 100 feet of pay. They clear-cut the area around the location and dug up the topsoil so nothing would burn from the flare. Cabot and Co. have several more wells planned.

A spokesperson for Carter claimed that a wealthy investor named Bill Gates was funding their operation and that Carter was a partner with Fairman Drilling, a firm that has punched deep holes in New York State. Earlier it had been claimed that Bill Gates had funded Ron Pegula's East Resources in New York State. Pegula purchased the former Pennzoil (South Penn Oil Co.) assets in the area. The South Penn was part of the Rockefeller family business.

For their 60th anniversary, Uncle Pete and Aunt Verda received a card from George and Laura of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Cap'n and Mrs. Spock were among those calling on them at their Millstone residence.

Nancy, Jane and Alvin Engelke and Keith Collins helped Anna Engelke move into her new apartment in Fairmont. Keith Collins was called to Charleston when his mother fell on a rod in the ground while cleaning up some ground at her mother's residence. At press time she was hospitalized in CAMC.

A number of local residents and visitors report harvesting deer and turkey and several have been feasting on squirrel gravy, along with sweet 'taters and biscuits.

The Radcliff family that lives on Umpstead Ridge noted they recently lost two dogs and would appreciate any help in locating their pets.

County Clerk Suellen Calebaugh and Commissioner Robert Lowe were both attending to business in Creston over the weekend.

Glenna Jean purchased so much pepperoni that some allowed as how Jeff would be feeling insignificant.

At this point, area residents have been spared being on the "front lines" of Osama bin Laden's terror war although the fallout will no doubt will impact on those who live away from the bright lights. No doubt Osama's scummy buddies, Sultan ben Wurst, Mohammed al-Ferkel and Abdullah el Hure are busy fixing up bad stuff for those "defined as enemies of Islam." Our nation's strong push locally and on the foreign scene should keep those critters off balance.

Linda Buchanan continues to mend from her automobile wreck. She can get out of bed for a while to get into a wheel chair, but full recovery is a long way off.

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