COUNTY OF CALHOUN: At the Office of the Superintendent, Grantville, West Virginia; Monday, November 5, 2001

MEMBERS PRESENT: Juanita Berdine, Ralph Cunningham, Richard Fitzwater, Carlene Frederick, and Burl Simers

Ronald Blankenship, Secretary


The meeting was called to order by President, Richard Fitzwater at 7:00 p.m.


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the minutes of the October 15, 2001 meeting be approved. Motion carried unanimously.


Rev. Peig Schmitz reported to the Board on Lights On! activities.

A student expulsion hearing was conducted for student 2001-02/01. Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that the Board enter into executive session for deliberation at 7:53 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Simers moved and Mr. Cunningham seconded that the Board reconvene in regular session at 8:10 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that student 2001-02/01 be expelled for one calendar year. Motion carried unanimously.


Superintendent Blankenship reported on the 2001-02 second month enrollment.

Mr. Cunningham reported on the October 26, 2001 Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center Administrative Council meeting.


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the following new business be approved as presented:

A. Volunteer Agreements

1. Robin Hardbarger - Pleasant Hill School
2. Donald Kelley - Pleasant Hill School
3. Willa Lea Kelley - Pleasant Hill School
4. Melody Swearengen - Pleasant Hill School
5. Nancy Shelton - Arnoldsburg School
6. Elva Yoak - Pleasant Hill School
7. Shirley Hupp - Calhoun Middle/High School
8. Irene Conrad - Pleasant Hill School
9. Leona Heiney - Pleasant Hill School
10. Tim Moore - Pleasant Hill School
11. Roseanna Miller - Pleasant Hill School

B. Policy Revision - Extra-Curricular Supplement (Band) - increase supplement from

$4,000.00 to $6,000.00

C. Student Transfer Requests

1. Christopher Sands (grade 2) and Ian Sands (K) from Calhoun County to Wirt County
2. Tonya Carpenter (grade 2) and Felisha Carpenter (grade 9) from Roane County to Calhoun County

D. Lights On! Proposals

Motion carried unanimously.


Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mrs. Frederick moved and Mrs. Berdine seconded that the following matters be approved:

A. Job Postings

1. Middle School Boys Basketball Coach
2. Bus Operator - Lights On! - Pleasant Hill to Glenville State

B. Employment

1. Jan Whited - Fourth Grade Teacher - Pleasant Hill School - Effective November 13, 2001
2. Norma Wagoner - Half-Time Special Education Teacher - Arnoldsburg School - Effective October 17, 2001
3. Leslie Fox - Substitute Teacher
4. Janette Ramezan - Substitute Teacher (p.m. only)
5. Sharon Smith - Substitute Teacher
6. Tammey Yoak - Mentor Teacher
7. Gary Knight - Mentor Teacher
8. Mildred Arnold - Computer Assistant (Lights On!) - Arnoldsburg School - Effective October 19, 2001
9. Russell Ferrell - Recreation Teacher (Lights On!) - Calhoun High School - Effective October 30, 2001
10. Linda Jones - Academic Tutoring Coordinator - Effective October 24, 2001
11. Joanna McKown - Homebound Teacher
12. Tiffany Conley - Childcare Attendant - Lights On
13. Randy Poling - Tutor - Lights On
14. Lisa Siegrist - Tutor - Lights On
> 15. Daniel Smith - Tutor - Lights On
16. Stacey Wagoner - Tutor - Lights On
17. Sara Walker - Tutor - Lights On
18. Elizabeth Hall - Substitute Teacher
19. Barbara McKown - Substitute Teacher
20. Lisa Reip - Substitute Teacher
21. Donald Poage - Middle School Boys Basketball Coach

C. Resignation - Scott Bunch - Middle School Boys Basketball Coach

D. Request for Change of Status

1. Sharon D. Earl - additional 5 years prior work experience
2. Lights On Site Coordinators - from 10 hours per week to a maximum of 15 hours per week

E. Donzel Boothe - Leave of Absence Request

Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the following financial matters be approved:

A. Invoices - $374,563.93
B. Supplements - $801,897.11
C. Transfers - $59,907.00
D. Financial Reports - August/September

Motion carried unanimously.


In-school suspension.
Paving at Arnoldsburg School.
Calhoun Middle/High School Athletic complex.
Lights On! activities.


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the meeting adjourn at 8:28 p.m. with the next meeting November 13, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. at the Calhoun Middle/High School. Motion carried unanimously.

Others Present: Patrick Bell, Sharon Earl, Emilio Garza, Larry Harris, Michael Offutt, Donnie Pitts, Donnie Price, Roger Propst, Connie Roberts, Peig Schmitz, Bryan Sterns, Martha Vandal, Ernest Vandal, Bob Weaver, JoLynn Wilson,

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