A 17-year-old male was expelled from Calhoun High School, after a lengthy expulsion hearing at last night's Calhoun County Board of Education. "We have been fair" to this student, said Assistant Principal Emilio Garza, after at least a half-dozen administrators and teachers testified about his behavior over a period of several months.

Garza and members of the school's staff gave numerous incidents regarding the youth's long-term anger problems, disruptive behavior and fighting, in addition to the inability to adapt to the academic program. Administrators had attempted to transfer the student to an alternative program or enroll him in Mountaineer Challenge, but he refused.

The youth and his mother participated in the hearing. One of his teachers gave testimony concerning his continued efforts to help the youth. The youth and his mother agreed that such efforts had been made, although the mother told the Board they should be willing to go further in helping him. Superintendent Ron Blankenship and Assistant Principal Garza said it had become a safety issue as the problems continue to mount.

Other issues addressed at the meeting included an announcement by Superintendent Blankenship that student enrollment was down this year by 28 pupils, compared to an 8% loss last year of well over 100 pupils.

Blankenship said the Town of Grantsville was scheduled as a delegation, but they did appear. He said the issue was to have been the disposition of Wayne Underwood Field.

Blankenship said the school system is presently undergoing a routine audit.

The Board approved volunteer agreements, a policy revision for the band, student transfers and some Lights On! proposals.

A posting was made for Middle School basketball coach after Scott Bunch resigned, and at least twenty-one people were approved for employment. The Board approved $801,897.11 for supplements, $374,563.93 for invoices and $59,907.00 for transfers.

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