By Alvin Engelke

Crocuses were blooming and the frogs were singing in Creston and then the weather changed again with rain, freezing rain, snow and 10 degree temperatures.

One fellow noted that after Albert Gore Jr. bragged that he had "invented the internet" and then caused global warming he was being set straight by the One who is in charge. The folks at the "global warming" conference in New York aimed to set things straight but since they didn't spout "the party line" and worship in the "church of global warming" there was scant publicity which reflects the media view that their job is to protect those in power that they support and the programs that these folks wish to promote.

Highways became treacherous and folks stayed home until the road crew got things cleaned up. Church at Burning Springs was cancelled.

Local folks who like to ride their four wheelers should send Lidella Hrutkay of P. O. Box 216, Logan, West Virginia 25601, a thank you letter. She was the one who put the kibosh on the bill to ban ATVs and UTVs on state roads.

It seems that the plan by DNR & DEP to confiscate land by labeling streams "tier 2.5" seems to have been slowed somewhat as Mrs. Timmermeyer, the boss lady, agreed to reduce to writing the criteria that must be used to classify streams so that landowners cannot timber or farm the area. The Big Boss had his heavies out twisting arms to "force protection of the streams" or whatever was the real plan.

The government decreed fast time ("daylight savings") came into force Sunday which, of course fouls up biological clocks. Some of the "chattering class" was babbling on about the sociological advantages of fast time on NPR (the official government organ of the elite) but one of them did allow that studies have proved that the change to fast time uses 4% more energy, especially for those who use air conditioning. Apparently they didn't study the folks who carry in wood and pack out ashes.

Those who have been watching the political entertainment may get to even participate in the fun as, it was reported, the Democrat party is going to have a caucus in each of the 55 counties and then a state convention. Since neither B. Hussein Obama nor Her Thighness has enough delegates to win, local partisans can join the fray. So far Mrs. Bill had refused to show her tax records and some would like for her to be on an even playing field with all the others. There is an on line petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/hcinctax/peittion.html.

Mrs. Obama said, "We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day." Her salary, poor thing, is only $200,000 and she has a personal trainer and a full time housekeeper.

The private eye the Clintons hired to go after those they considered their enemies, Anthony "The Pelican" Pelicano, has gone on trial in California for numerous felonies connected to his work.

Sen. McVain, the Republican nominee continues his PC stuff with people who make truthful statements about some of the other candidates. While the powers that be want to ignore it, there is a serious local drug problem and part of the problem is located in Columbia, South America where the cocaine originates. The government there recently caused several of the drug kingpins to assume ambient temperature at their hideout in Ecuador. It turns out that 2 of them were Mexicans and Mexico is now mad, as is the communist Chavez who owns Citgo gasoline stations, as these folks were "his buddies". A seized laptop found that they were promoting the "articulate candidate" for president & they hoped that he would recognize them as a legitimate operation. Later it was learned that the head narco-terrorist recently was in Romania dealing with the Russian mafia and their Arab links shopping for components for a dirty bomb. Likely he is now getting to meet Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Chairman Mao and Karl Marx himself.

On the local scene a well placed source who has been following the Wirt Sheriff's race noted that with the undertakers and the well drilling man that the by word, since it was so difficult to get indictments and prosecutions, was "Cuff 'em and stuff 'em!"

The West Virginia Forestry Association will hold at meeting concerning managing forests for wildlife, March 27 at Mountwood Park in Wood County. There will be a program March 13 at the Jackson County Jr. Fair Grounds and a field day March 15 in Putnam County. For details one may call 1-888-372-9663.

Euell Russell is home after spending a week in the hospital. He is on the mend.

The price of local crude oil rose to $99.50 while the world market rose to over $105. The weak U. S. dollar is helping the increase indicating that George Soros, the international currency manipulator who is active in U. S. politics is doing his thing.

In many local areas gasoline rose to the $3.40/gallon range. Of course those on the national level who complain the loudest object to drilling for oil where it is found in the United States.

Chesapeake has permitted horizontal wells in the Marcellus shale in Upshur and Wetzel Counties, Equitable has permitted Marcellus wells in Gilmer County and Triana, the outfit that sold CNR (Columbia Natural Resources) to Chesapeake has staked shale wells in Kentucky District of Nicholas County to depths below 7,000'.

Those who follow such matters are amazed at the interest in items mentioned in the Creston news.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday March 18 at 8 P. M. (fast time) at the fire station in Elizabeth.

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