Magistrate Court records are obtained under public information laws, and are published by media in most every county. Records are accessed from a public information computer, available to the general public at the Magistrate Clerk office.

The names of minors are withheld by the court if they have been declared "juvenile cases," otherwise they are on the released list. Newspapers and media under First Amendment law, can print all names and ages if they choose, although most develop policies related to the protection of victimized minors.

The names of individuals who have yet to be served warrants by authorities, could be on the public information list.

The Herald, by policy, does not print single worthless checks, but does publish names linked to multiple worthless checks.

Citations (tickets) such as, no proof of insurance/registration/operator's are often dropped or dismissed upon proof. Others are assessed fines and/or court cost

Being cited or charged is not an indication of guilt or innocence of crime. The information should not be construed or considered disparaging to the individual in any way.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Department - CSD
Grantsville Municipal Police Department - MPD
WV Department of Public Safety- State Police - DPS
WV Department of Natural Resources - DNR
WV Department of Highways - DOH
WV Public Service Commission - PSC
WV Department of Forestry - DOF


Cecil Bell - Failure to attend school, by Bryan Sterns

Brian Huffman - Failure to attend school, by Bryan Sterns

Randy Proctor - Failure to attend school, by Bryan Sterns

Kandy N. Summers - Failure to send child to school, by Bryan Sterns

Brandie Cottrill - Driving or a suspended.revoked license non-DUI, no valid proof of insurance, offense date 2/9/08, by SGT. J.E. Skidmore-DPS

Dale King, Jr. - Improper use of evidence of registration, offense date 12/07, warrant date 2/21/08, by Chief Charles Stephens-MPD

Michael Knicely - Destruction of property, offense date 1/5/08, by CPL J.B. Hunt-DPS

Grant L. Kaylor - Driving under the influence, driving left of center, offense date 2/23/08, by CPL J.B. Hunt-DPS

Joshua A. Moss - trespassing, offense date 2/21/08, by Deputy Justin Smith-CSD

Linda Lou Vandal - trespassing, offense date 2/21/08, by Deputy Justin Smith-CSD


Ronald D. Bailey - No receipts for mandatory disposal, issued 2/10/08 by DNR

Isaac Bell - Underage possession or use of tobacco, issued 2/4/08 by DPS

Carl F. Gray - Driving left of center, issued 2/19/08 by DPS

Christina D. Hacker - Registration violation, issued 2/16/08, by DPS

Jonathan E. Hamrick - Possession of a controlled substance less than 15 grams, issued 2/17/08 by DPS

Larry R. Joseph - Driving on a suspended/revoked license, non-DUI, issued 2/25/08 by MPD

Joseph D. Justice - Loud exhaust - issued 2/1/08 by MPD

Michael A. Keeney - No operator's license, issued 2/2/08 by MPD

Benjamin R. King - Improper registration, no registration, issued 2/19/08 by MPD

Jason S. King - Registration violation, fraudulent MVI sticker, issued 2/23/08 by MPD

Jason S. King - Registration violation, no motor vehicle inspection, issued 2/23/08 by MPD

Kalah M. Lamp - Littering less than 100 lbs., issued 2/2/08 by DNR

Mildred M. Mathis - Permitting no operator's, failure to change name and address, issued 2/2/08 by MPD

Anthony McCumbers - Registration violation, issued 2/22/08 by MPD

Timothy McCumbers - Failed to yield right of way, issued 2/16/08 by DPS

Kevin H. Richards - No proof of insurance, registration violation, issued 2/2/08 by DPS

Michael S. Sampson - No valid proof of insurance, issued 2/9/08 by DPS

Bernaetta Shamblin - No valid proof of insurance, issued 2/6/08, by DPS

Nathan Simmons - Defective equipment, issued 2/23/08 by MPD

Robert L. Wilt - Driving revoked miscellaneous, no proof of insurance, registration violation, issued 2/23/08 by DPS

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