By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, November 3 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. As usual there will be goodies in the kitchen along with tools, cheese, food items, grab bags, 50/50 and who knows what else. Come spend the evening having fun and looking for bargains. Proceeds go to maintain the community building. For details call Donna Sue at 275-3202.

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock returned from a sojourn down in Brother Jeb's state. They visited C. Romeo Griffin, Sr., Pretty Little Red Flower, Benji and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Newton & family. They also took in Cape Canaveral where Cap'n Spock looked at the antique space ships and they took a tour of Disney World. The Cap'n purchased a tee shirt with an Osama "Wanted Dead or Alive Poster" which did not set well with some Arabs that were touring the space facility with sophisticated electronic gadgets around their necks.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. were attending to business in Spencer.

Speaking of Spencer, the announcement that Goodrich is shutting down their facility there did nothing to help the local economic climate.

Euell Russell returned from the Calhoun County Senior Citizens trip to Dollywood and environs. He reported having a wonderful trip. Also visiting the park were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Schrader.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Some of Jerry dePue's old work buddies from northern Ohio were doing some hunting in the area.

Amy N. Ferrell completed the hunter safety course. Her father, Carl Ferrell, placed a new green metal roof on their home in Creston.

The government decreed fast time (so called daylight savings) finally came to an end so local residents can reset their internal biological clocks again.

A local male Crestonite with good virtue was spotted running to his car from the Ferrell location, looking sort of feminine. If spotted one should contact his girlfriend with information.

It was reported that a group of monsters, critters and other horrid things gathered at the Creston Community Building Saturday night for a party suitable for the season.

Harry Clay Boggs had the Hoff well at the head of Shaver on Vineyard Ridge in Roane County fractured Saturday. Schulmberger used a water frac on the Black River formation. On down the hollow Halliburton fractured a Devonian shale well for Warren Exploration.

A big slip came in the location on Bull River ( Bennett's Mill Run) where Ardent Resources was drilling their deep test and they shut down. Howard Johnson indicated that the vibrations may have been involved in the movement of the earth and they quit until the situation was stabilized. Others indicated that the well was drilled through the Black River with only a slight show of gas but they, perhaps, the Beekmantown would be tested. Meantimes, they have started building the location for their well on Beech.

The Cabot well on Road Fork is said to be going well but information is hard to obtain.

Those who are out and about note that ribbons and flags for the seismic crews are "everywhere". One Roane resident reported that when the thumpers came along he though that his basement walls would collapse but the Rockefeller family owns the minerals under his home so could not stop them. A neighbor didn't want them drilling holes and putting off shots on his land so the seismic firm "sicced a lawyer on him to put him in his place". It was understood that shot holes for seismic has been done across Roane County and down into Kanawha County along the Arches Fork anticline as well as elsewhere.

Fritz Katz was calling on Dr. Joe Cain.

The price of local natural gas fell to $2.02/MMBTU or less than one fifth of the price paid in January 2001.

Some local residents attended the Camp Barbe benefit auction. Former Elizabeth businessman Billy Dotson purchased some expensive pies, as usual. They sold a large container of "Hillbilly Viagra" but it didn't bring very much. Apparently no one wanted to admit that they needed such. One fellow bought a certificate for a free tow from Roger's Wrecker Service which he said he was going to donate to Rick Mason.

While Jacques Frost has made some more professional calls in the area, the woods remain beautiful and local residents joined others and viewed W. Va.'s spectacular scenery over the weekend.

Auction Saturday, November 3 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Tools, knickknacks, cheese, pepperoni, grab bags, misc. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-01. For details call Donna Sue at 275-3202.

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