By Janet Siers

Glen Siers stopped by Wednesday to visit with Daddy and I. He likes the cat Buddy Watkins give us and played with him as the cat, "Buddy" is fun to watch. It was good to see Glen. He told us about him and his grandson Nick catching soft-shell turtles from the West Fork just above the bridge at the mouth of Walker and giving them to Brooks, and Genive Cooper for a wildlife cookout they had some time ago. Glen is the best story teller around and always makes one smile. Wish I had his stories on paper. Also he visited with Paris and Orva Parsons, Paris will be 89 on the 29th of March.

Saturday morning Paris brought Orva up to the shop for a perm. Daddy, Paris, Orva and I had a good visit. Orva is a pretty woman.

Heather called me as she was crossing the New River Gorge Bridge that evening and said that it was icy and that she was driving in the middle of the road on her way to Fayetteville to visit with her Dad and go see her grandmother who is in rehabilitation from having a mild stroke.

While Blaine King and I were visiting with Buddy Watkins one evening I talked to Mary Ann Marks, Buddy's sister, and complimented her on the decorations and womanly touch she has contributed to his home. Also talked to Cindy Watkins who is Buddy's nephew, Dwayne's wife. They are building a new home on Buttermilk.

I read an article about Fern and Gene Deel's Valentine and it brought tears to my eyes. They were meant to be. How sweet, how lasting.

Monday was Paris ands Orva's 65th wedding anniversary, they were married in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sunday morning Glen passed the house and saw us on our way to feed the pigs and stopped to see them. Glen estimated that they would weigh 170-200 lbs. Glen had attended the Upper West Fork Sing Saturday night. John Truman performed and Glen said it was standing room only. I told him if I would have been there I would have danced and Glen got this big grin on his face and said there was some good dancers there. Uncle Shirley usually makes it here to see John but I'm guessing he's either in Dallas, Texas or St.Johns, Florida. Hope he's doing well. I get my dose of bluegrass Sunday morning on 97.10 Knee Deep in Bluegrass.

Blaine King and I visited with William and Goldie Rush. Blaine took William a nice road kill coon and he skinned it out after we left. Goldie has a huge collection of dolls and represents them well throughout her house. I'm sure that she has the history on each one of them. William sets live traps for coons and he has caught numerous skunks. One that he caught just turned around in the trap to be let out and didn't spray.

Virginia King is home from the hospital from a bout of pneumonia and we're all glad she's alright.

Richard Chenoweth brought 120 bails of hay for his horses on Saturday and went back home to Ohio. He liked the cats that Blaine King and I took to the barn. They're getting bigger and look healthy.

We have lots of doves grazing on the black sunflower seeds that drop to the ground and Buddy the cat lays in the window to get excited about watching them. Hope to have sunflower plants in the spring.

Blaine and I have installed a new kitchen faucet and re-plumbed the drain. First time the sprayer has worked for years and it feels like such a luxury. Thank you Blaine for all the help that you give to all of us here. Mr. Deeds.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

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