By Alvin Engelke

Creston areas residents enjoyed beautiful fall weather over the weekend with beautiful foliage, bright sunshine, sleek turkey gobblers and balmy weather. A group on a hayride rode down the Richardsonville Road and many were out on their four wheelers enjoying the scenery.

Cap'n Spock was consulting with the federation medical staff, likely in anticipation of a journey to a distant part of the galaxy.

Mr. and Mrs. George Engelke were visiting in Creston and attended the Farm Bureau dinner in Elizabeth.

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Arthur were calling on Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Lynch.

Aunt Belle Wright and family spent some time at their place down on the Petty farm. Among other things they installed a new roof on the house.

Randy the Schwann's man was calling on Charles and Euell Russell.

C. Glen Arthur moved to the former Charles White (the Ed Merrill house) residence.

Local residents are again having to contend with the USDA's Asiatic beetles which look like lady bugs. They are coming into residences, churches, etc to spend the winter. The liberal government planners should be forced to come gather them all up and ship them to Osama's cave hideout.

Anna Engelke, it was reported, is now a regular on WDTV, a Clarksburg Tee Vee station with an ad from Fairmont State College. She and Keith Collins were camping over the weekend with Keith's family at the Barbara Monroe place at the head of Bell Run near Hartley. Anna also picked out a kitten, Fritz, for her apartment in Marion County.

Coy Eddy and R. P. Marks were among those calling on Cap'n & Mrs. Spock at the Burning Springs Space Dock. R. P. has been helping the Cap'n "restore" an engine to running condition for installation on the Starship Enterprise which currently is parked at Richard Starcher's Little Creek Space Dock for major repairs to the drive train. Coy Eddy is also having water pump problems and associated tractor problems.

Jane Engelke spent the past week in Atlanta working as a model for a designer of evening gowns. The occasion was the fall trade show for buyers at the Atlanta Trade Mart, a 40 storey mall with each floor showing a different line of merchandise, a dangerous place for a serious shopper. She also reported touring the city and reported that her feet hurt.

While the prices of oil and natural gas continue to languish there is no shortage of leasehounds looking for property to lease. The price of local Penn grade crude is $18.25/bbl. or about 45 cents/gallon. Local oil is not used for low price products such as gasolene.

The Cabot/Trio well on Road Fork now has 7" casing run and the Ardent well on Bull River (Bennett's Mill Run) is drilling a slanty hole. They were down a while with a stuck bit but are now back running.

The War on Terror continues to impact every aspect of life. Now Osama bin Laden masks have put a squeeze on Gary Condit masks as the favorite for Haloween. A child coming up dressed as Condit and saying "I want your daughter for an intern" was scary enough but now there is the camel jockey calling for "Death to the infidels" and one of his buddies bought lots of candy in another state. That guy was picked up and held by the INS.

In a lighter vein, a cell of ben Laden's group was said to have been found in West Virginia (or maybe it was Arkansas). The State Police said Bin Loafin, Bin Drinkin & Bin Fightin were picked on immigration issues and that Bin Workin was still on the loose but should be easy to find in the community. Meanwhile it is not certain if Mohammed al-Ferkel, Sultan ben Wurst & Abdullah el Hure have perfected their method of spreading bubonic plague and smallpox throughout the civilized world. They might do well to check out the Old Testament discussions concerning plague, etc. as some of Israel's enemies had major problems along those lines.

Larry Kelley, age 54, of Crossville, Tennessee died after suffering a massive heart attack while working on a roof. He was a son of the late Fred & Ednal Kelley of White Pine. He is survived by a son Mike in Michigan, brother Jerry Kelley, sisters Garnet Barr and Betty Craddock of the greater White Pine section and Katie Wease and Donna Bower of Michigan.

Ding Altizer, Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were among those calling on Aunt Verda & Uncle Pete.

Jack dePue and Duane Spencer are working on the erection of Jack's quonset hut building near the former "Brick" de Pue residence. They have up one section and Duane reported that it was hard on old men doing such strenous work.

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