PRESS RELEASE Superintendent Jane Lynch

Calhoun Middle High School has received a draft report, based on information gathered during a visit by the Office of Educational Performance Audits.

The report identified areas which need to be addressed in the school's performance. The State Board of Education identifies a list of schools which will receive visits during each school year, based on identified criteria.

Calhoun Middle/High Schools was identified due to test scores this past spring. In the past, as recent as 2003-2005, the Middle/High School was reviewed for the same reason.

Calhoun Middle/High School was identified as needing improvement in the areas of Math and Reading.

WESTEST scores are reviewed in several different subgroups. The Middle/High School did not meet AYP in the subgroups of Special Education, both Reading and Math, or Reading in the low SES group, in April 2007 testing.

In review of the Writing Assessment scores, Calhoun Middle/High 7th and 10th grade students did not score at the state average.

During the review in November, the OEPA team identified other areas which impact instruction, that were not in place.

Six teachers did not have lesson plans available for review. Teachers are required to prepare lesson plans in advance of instruction.

Not all teachers were providing instruction in writing weekly.

This includes all classroom teachers, not just Reading or English teachers.

Science and Social Studies classes, which in the past have been taught one semester, must be taught all year.

Both elementary schools (Arnoldsburg and Pleasant Hill) met AYP, and are identified as Title I Distinguished Schools. To be identified as Distinguished, the school must show annual improvement in test scores.

The Board of Education, along with the superintendent, discussed plans for all schools to improve achievement last May when interviews were conducted to replace outgoing Superintendent, Ronald Blankenship.

The superintendent shared at that time that there were problems in annual yearly progress, as measured by the WESTEST, particularly at Calhoun Middle/High School.

Plans for improvement of instruction, were incorporated into the county strategic plan this fall.

The staff has worked with the administrators, Karen Kirby, Carla Taylor, and Susan Carper to develop plans for long term improvement.

The school administrators have been working with staff, to specifically target the areas of deficiency identified since the monitoring visit in November.

Mrs. Kirby, principal and the assistant principals, Carla Taylor and Susan Carper, are more closely monitoring lesson plans, writing lessons in all classes, and conducting training on instructional strategies weekly.

The school will continue to provide in-depth training and monitor the strategies used in the school. The monitoring report will be reviewed with the school staff and LSIC.

If you have questions about Calhoun Middle/High School, contact Karen Kirby, 354-6148 or the Superintendent, 354-7011 ext 11.

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