Kathleen H. Taylor

I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to the Hereford family of Beason for the loss of their offspring. I will try to recall this sadness when we are passing the steak sauce around the table. But you can't say I didn't warn you about what would happen if you got into my yard again!

I think I can safely speak for our Little Beason area (well, I will anyway) by mentioning we could really use some work on our road. I am pretty sure there is enough manpower residing at the Central Regional Hotel to provide assistance. The potholes alone could eat a car and go back for seconds. Not to mention the water gets very high when the drains get clogged and makes it very unsafe. Just thought someone out there might be reading this that would give us some desperately needed help.

I would like to thank Terry Richards for coming out to change my tire. Ethan explained how the procedure was to go. But, it was the same as brain surgery to me. So, I called 304-ANNOY-TERRY. Thanks again Terry! Someday I will attempt to solve these complicated situations on my own.

Winter returns to Beason

I need to thank the Baker folks for taking my boys to their grandparent's house the other day. I appreciate it very much. I will try not to make it a habit to be late. I'm the kind of person who will be late for her own funeral.

It has been noted there is a serious type of canine residing on our road. My children are terrified of it. We've only gone past it in the car and they won't even look that direction. This behavior is very unusual for my kids. It seems they can be a little too snoopy at times.

Birthday wishes go out to Brenda Taylor. I think she's catching up to my age. However, I won't pin an exact number on it.

We attended a couple more wrestling events. I'm not even going to mention scores. However, I was beginning to believe our opponents have been grain fed or had Miracle Grow on their Cheerios. Some of them looked like they had shaved or possibly had a family at home. Our Jr. Wrestlers are great and we are proud of them no matter what the scores are. If you would like to become a member of the fan Club, please contact me. We appreciate all your support!

Some final news from my shop. It has been our understanding some employees of our local plants have Mondays off. If this is your case, let us know as we are working on arranging appointments for those very hard working folks.

Health, happiness, and all "Good Hair Days" is our wish for you.

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