Published 10/2001



A temporary abdication of ethical and humane standards. John Mason Brown

A catalog of mistakes and misfortunes. Winston Churchill

The science of destruction. J. A. Abbott

By Bob Weaver

Since September 11 much has changed. We have but a hint of things to come as this war of hate has touched our shore. Historians know such "holy wars" are the most contemptuous, bloody and long-lasting.

It would be irrational for us to believe this one is an exception.

We hope our leaders stay focused on the task before us, directly attacking the problem of terrorism.

That war will be directed toward those that directly threaten us.

It is a matter of faith, believing we will survive.

It is faith that replaces fear, and there is much fear tonight as we go after shadowy terrorists who believe America is the demon of their discontent.

Unlike other wars America has fought, wars over money, power and territory, bin Laden invokes the name of God in every sentence, justifying the holiness of his cause against us.

It is most discomforting.

Let us pray tonight that the real great message of Islam will prevail, its message of peace and love.

Let us pray tonight for the courage to take this national crisis one-day-at-time, and for the faith to endure.

A Resolution of the County Commission of Calhoun County, West Virginia, this First Day of October, 2001,during a special meeting:

In response to the terrorist attack on the United States of America on September 11, 2001, we, the members of the Commission do hereby resolve,

To support the decisions of the Government of the United States of America in this difficult time.

To support the military men and women who will go to the defense of our Nation during this crisis.

To support all institutions that maintain justice, freedom and democracy under the constitutions and laws of the United States of America, the State of West Virginia and the County of Calhoun.

To support and maintain, to the best of our ability, the quality of life that exists in our community and within our families.

To maintain fairness and helpfulness during trying times which could come upon us.

To help unite those who would disagree with decisions, by politics or religion, and prevent unjust retaliation toward foreign citizens who reside on our soil.

To maintain a Vision of Hope for our citizens and all America, prayerfully asking the Highest of Powers to guide, direct and watch over us.

So shall it be.

Bob Weaver, President
Larry McCallister, Commissioner
David Barr, Commissioner
Richard Kirby, Clerk

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