Kathleen H. Taylor

All seems quiet here in Beason this week. I hate that! I guess I am going to be the one to stir some stuff up. I am always to blame, whether I am guilty or not. It seems I am the top o' the line or bottom of the barrel (whichever you think applies here) mischief maker. However, Brian is running a close second along with that insane millwright group.

It is rumored that Brian's co-workers (which shall remain nameless) can raise some eyebrows as well. I heard they even created the name "Fester" for one unexpecting gent. I also heard the words "Big Daddy" had been attached to "Fester." Who would add more fuel to the fire? Could it be a mischief maker from Beason? Tune in later and find out "the rest of the story."

The Main Street Posse has had a very calm week. Unfortunately, not too much to share (at least with the public). I haven't even heard any stories about me. Somebody needs to get on that task and make it worthy of me. I am very particular about how stories concerning me are approached. All the old stuff has already died down. We are slacking here people!

Birthday wishes go out to Brayden Bonnell and Jimmie Daniels. We hope you have a great year! I am sure those employed at a Pennsboro plant will be more than happy to wish Mr. Daniels a happy birthday. Please include a special birthday wish from me!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Nathaniel Bartlett. There are donation jars around the county, please help if you are able. I am sure they appreciate any assistance they receive. Show them that Ritchie County folks stick together in the best and worst of times. I have recently been told there is a benefit in the works. I don't know details as of yet, but will share them when I have them.

Halloween is approaching very quickly. We have an interesting combination of costumes at our house. Avery will be a tiger and Ethan will portray the king himself. (Elvis) No one knows the trouble I've seen trying to get my hands on an Elvis costume. I had to fight off many nutty mothers (looking for the very same thing) and billions of little kids pushing buttons to everything that made noise. It's a jungle out there baby! Avery's costume was very simple. I just typed in my four favorite letters on the computer, "EBAY" I am a self proclaimed Ebay junkie. The stuff on there just astounds me. Apparently, the rules for selling items are very casual. I am constantly looking around the house asking myself what I could sell that would make me a millionaire. It wouldn't break my heart to see some cattle go down the road. I bet the shipping cost would be a real drag.

Some dates to keep in mind during the month of November. The Grange is holding its annual Fall Fling on November third. The Magical Night of Giving is November fourth at the Grand Central Mall. November tenth will be the Longaberger Game Night at the Rainbow Grange. Tickets for Magical Night and Game Night are available from me or any Grange member.

Last little "windy" story from me (otherwise known as 106 degrees). I was walking in the front door when I heard some noise beneath some flowers. I was totally expecting a man-eating snapping turtle underneath the flowers. I made Brian come out and inspect the situation. (I sure wasn't going to get eaten by a turtle, that's why he went first.) Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Anyway, he came out of the house and looked under the flowers and found a crawdad trying to escape from a slippery bucket. Gosh, and he thought it was a man eating turtle! I knew better.

Health and happiness.

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