Submitted by Sharon Settle

The Upper West Fork Park's annual OctoberFest was held Friday and Saturday, October 5 and 6, at the Upper West Fork Park at Chloe, West Virginia.

Winners 0-6 Months

First Place, Xena Lynn Legg, 3 weeks, daughter of Cristy Legg of Ivydale, WV; Second Place, Kyleigh Wilson, 2 1/2 months, daughter of Vanessa Spencer and Frank Wilson of Elkview, WV; Third Place, Ashdon Salisbury, 4 months, daughter of Jeremy Salisbury and Kimberly Collins of Clay, WV.

7-12 Months

First Place, Bethani Henderson, 9 months, daughter of Mickey and Betheny Henderson of Bickmore, WV.

13-23 Months - Girls

First Place, Emily Anderson, 16 months, daughter of Trudi and Shannon Anderson of Grantsville, WV; Second Place, Kayleigh Sigman, 16 months, daughter of Jerry and Monica Sigman of Chloe, WV.

13-23 Months - Boys

First Place, Braydon McKinney, 15 months, son of Michael and Michelle McKinney of Clay, WV; Second Place, Charles Lynch, 18 months, grandson of Pat Lynch of Arnoldsburg, WV; Third Place, Steven Rogers, II, 21 months, son of Steven and Amanda Rogers of Chloe, WV.

2-3 Years - Girls

First Place, Brooklynn Swisher, 2 1/2 years, daughter of Ronnie Greathouse and Becky Swisher of Spencer, WV; Second Place, Kaley Dwier, 3 years, daughter of Misty Barker; Third Place, Breawna McKinney, 3 years, daughter of Michael and Michelle McKinney of Clay, WV.

2-3 Years - Boys

First Place, Kennedy Ater, 2 years, son of Kenny Ater and Sara Keen of Nebo, WV.

4-5 Years

First Place, Morgan Holcomb, 4 years, daughter of Elizebeth Holcomb of Bickmore, WV.

6-8 Years

First Place, Cassidy Parkin, 8 years, daughter of Jack and Sabrina Parkin of Spencer, WV; Second Place, Tara Metheney, 7 years, daughter of Marsha Moore and Tony Metheney of Chloe, WV; Third Place, Emma Parkin, 6 years, daughter of Jack and Sabrina Parkin of Spencer, WV.

9-11 Years

First Place, Danielle Richards, 11 years, daughter of Emma and Gary Richards of Big Bend, WV; Second Place, Samantha Murphy, 10 years, daughter of Tonya and Sam Murphy of Chloe, WV; Third Place, Anglea Stutler, 9 years, daughter of Henry Stutler and Angie Bowe of Ivydale, WV.

12-14 Years

First Place, Jordan Metheney, 12 years, daughter of Marsha Moore and Tony Metheney of Chloe, WV.

15-17 Years

First Place, Megan Shaffer, 15 years, daughter of Terrie Shaffer and the late Allen Shaffer of Wallback, WV; Second Place, Britney Thorne, 17 years, daughter of Rachel and Howard Thorne of Ivydale, WV.

L-R Sharon Settle, Barbara McCumbers, Violet Mellot
and escort Wayne Thompson, Patricia Lynch, Evelyn King

Harvest Belle Winners

First Place, Sharon Settle of Orma, WV; Second Place, Patricia Lynch of Arnoldsburg, WV; Third Place Evelyn King of Orma, WV.

Best All-Around Photogenic was Brianna Brown, 8 years, daughter of Raymond and Deborah Brown of Bickmore, WV.

Judges for the Pageants were, Jane Knowlton of Spencer, Heidi Allen of Chloe, and Rita Kennedy of Chloe.

Quilt Show winners were, Grand Prize Ribbon, Betty Keen; First Place Ribbon, Betty Keen; Second Place Ribbon, Thomas Butler.

Judges for the Quilt Show were, Charles Thomas of Chloe, Thelma Hall of Mt. Zion, and Mary Labair of Clay.

Pumpkin Bake-Off Winners were, Grand Prize Ribbon, Barb Mace of Chloe; First and Second Place Ribbons, Glenna Perkins of Chloe.

Judges for the Pumpkin Bake-Off were, Sue Cosgrove, Paulette Samples, and Mary Labair.

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